Area Festivals


The Area Festivals in 2021 included a new-look BE80(T), BE90 and BE100 Area Qualifiers replacing existing Regional Finals, and new Area Championship classes at BE80(T), BE80(T) Open, BE90, BE90 Open, BE100 and BE100 Open providing an additional aim for grassroots riders.

In 2022, the Area Festivals will be held at prestigious locations across the country and will be run as standalone events with Championship technicality courses and international size dressage arenas.

14-15 MAY FIRLE PLACE Sussex April 4 April 19
19-20 AUG FRICKLEY PARK South Yorkshire July 11 July 26
10-11 SEP CHILLINGTON HALL Staffordshire Aug 1 Aug 16

How can I qualify?

How do I qualify for an Area Festival?

Combinations will have the opportunity to qualify for Area Championships and Area Qualifiers in the following ways:

Area Championships

Eligible combinations can qualify to compete for the title of the BE80(T), BE80(T) Open, BE90, BE90 Open, BE100 and BE100 Open Area Champion in two ways:

  • By achieving two double-clears between 1st July 2021 and 02 May 2022 or
  • By being placed in the top percentage of a normal BE80(T), BE90, BE90 Open, BE100 or BE100 Open class.

Area Qualifiers

In line with the previous Regional Final qualifications, the top percentage of eligible combinations placed at BE80(T), BE90 and BE100 events will qualify to compete at Area Qualifiers. The top percentage of combinations then placed at the Area Qualifiers will go on to compete at the BE90 and BE100 Championship held at Badminton and the BE80(T) Championship.

Those combinations that currently hold a Regional Final qualification, will automatically be eligible to enter an Area Qualifier in 2022.

Who is eligible?

  • For BE80(T), BE90 and BE100 Area Championship and Area Qualifier classes horses must be Grade 4 at Ballot Date of the Area Festival.
  • BE80(T) Open, BE90 Open and BE100 Open Area Championship classes are accessible to any grade of horse.
  • Each horse and rider must be eligible to ride at the relevant class on the date of Area Festival.
  • Horses must be ridden by the same rider throughout the qualifying process.
  • Except for Open Classes, riders must not have competed at Intermediate or higher for the current or preceding 5 seasons
  • Riders must have never competed at 5* level.


Eligible riders competing horses with grading points to qualify for the BE80 Area Championship classes. Combinations need to gain one double clear at any BE80 event, entering these classes HC.