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  • Associate (BE Registration) - free

    Everyone needs an online account to start their journey with British Eventing. A BE Login allows you to purchase our membership packages. It also enables you to register as a volunteer, be a parent/guardian, enter our winter Jump Training and Arena Eventing competitions as a non-member, book training, buy merchandise and receive our latest emails.

Competing Membership Categories

  • Pay As You Go Membership - from £30.00 / year

    Pay As You Go is a flexible option for riders who are not regularly competing. Once you have purchased this membership you can then pay a set fee of £15 (on top of your entry fee) each time you or a horse you own competes.

  • Introductory Membership - from £80.00 / year

    Introductory membership is for riders owning and competing at BE90 and below. It provides all the benefits of BE membership and is the ideal package for grassroots riders and those wanting to try eventing for the first time.

  • Standard Membership - from £125.00 / year

    Standard membership is for riders owning and competing up to and including Intermediate Novice and CCI 2*. It enables riders to enjoy all the benefits of BE membership whilst competing across those levels.

  • Premier Membership - from £275.00 / year

    Premier membership is for riders owning and competing across all levels. It offers all the benefits of BE membership for riders competing at the higher levels, including CCI 4* and CCI 5*.

Owner Membership Categories

  • Owner - from £90.00 / year

    Owner membership is for those who own horses across all levels but do not currently ride themselves.

  • Joint Membership - from £140.00 / year

    Joint Membership is for two people who own a horse (or horses) that they do not ride in competition.

  • Syndicate Membership - from £250.00 / year

    Syndicate Membership is for people who want to share the ownership of one or more horses. If there are three or more owners for a horse, then this is the membership you need.

  • Corporate Membership - from £250.00 / year

    Corporate membership is for companies that own a horse (or horses) that compete with BE.

Supporter Membership Categories

  • Supporter Individual - from £30.00 / year

    Love the sport of eventing but don't currently own or compete a horse? This is the membership for you.

  • Supporter Company - from £30.00 / year

    For companies that want to get more involved with the sport. Ideal for those who sponsor riders.

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