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Level competing at:

BE90, BE100

About me:

I am a bubbly, motivated person and always try to look at the positives in every situation. I am a very hard working individual and horses are without a doubt my passion. I have been very lucky to live in the beautiful county of Cornwall all my life, where on my parent’s small holding farm I keep my two horses. Growing up in the countryside I love everything to do with the outdoors, from riding to walking the dog or helping my dad around the farm when time allows! When I left school I knew I didn’t want to go to university or move away, I was fortunate enough to get an apprenticeship with Cornwall Council and pleased to say 7 years on and I am still there. I also work part time at a local Beefeater in the evenings all helping fund my expensive hobby.

About my horses:

My first horse, Newbridge Lady (Sprite), is now 24. I have owned her since she was 10 and over the years we have had a lot of fun giving anything and everything a go. Sprite is where my love for eventing began and she has quite literally made my dreams become reality such as riding at the Mitsubishi Motors Cup. My second horse Call Me Divine (Lola) is a 9 year old British Sports Horse. I brought her when she was 3 and broke her myself. It has been a very challenging process but our partnership is continually going from strength to strength. We are more consistent through all three phases now and I can’t wait to see how far we can go. We have 3 regional final tickets for this year so our current goal is to hopefully get to the Mitsubishi Motors Cup next year.

What is my favourite thing about eventing?

I have never been able to decide which phase I love the most, I love different aspects from each of them so doing all three is my perfect combination. It’s not just the competition days that I enjoy with eventing it’s all the training at home and preparation that comes with it too.

Who inspires me?

Piggy French - to go from rock bottom in 2012 and have so much disappointment, yet not giving up, made it even more amazing to watch her take the Badminton win this year. Her determination and motivation is clear for all to see and that hard work does pay off in the end.

What motivates me to event?

The buzz when you finish an event! You can not beat that adrenaline buzz that fills your body. The sense of achievement is second to none. I smile from the positives and learn from the negatives which drives me to train hard between events and make sure we come out better next time.