Posted on 1st October 2020

Vaccination Amnesty Ends 31 October 2020

As announced in the Sport Resumption Protocols, an amnesty was introduced on the requirement for six monthly vaccinations to compete with BE, effective between 1st July and the end of October 2020.


This is a reminder that anyone competing with BE after 31 October 2020, including the BE Jump Training and Arena Eventing Series (starting on 8 November), will be required to follow the BE vaccination rule as per Rule 10.2 of the BE Rules and Members’ Handbook. View HERE.

If your horse has missed the annual vaccination renewal date (i.e. 12 calendar months after the last recorded vaccination in the passport) then you will need to restart the course of injections again before competing. This means you need to have had a first and second vaccination within no less than 21 days of each other and 7 clear days after the second vaccination before the date of competition. 

Those competing at FEI events will require vaccinations in line with FEI requirements.