Posted on 26th March 2021


Further to the communications we have issued regarding EHV-1 and the BEF guidance on suggested protocols for self-certification, we have worked with the BEOA (our Organisers Association) to implement the following:


In line with the BEF guidance, you are required to self certify the health status of your horse/s 24 hours prior to attending any BE training or competition.  

For competitions, there will be a link on the newsflash of the event which will take you to an electronic self-certification form. Non completion may result in you not being permitted to enter the event site.

For BE training, you will be emailed the self-certification form and will be required to return it to the training organiser 24 hours prior to the training session.  Again, non-completion of the form may result in you not being able to take part.

There are horses who have returned, and will soon return from Europe and these are all undergoing stringent testing. The horses must record two clear sets of tests, taken 10 days apart, with no horses showing any clinical signs before they can return to affiliated competition or training. Horses returning back into the United Kingdom will need to quarantine for 28 days unless two clear tests can be evidenced.  The results of these tests are submitted and checked by British Eventing.

These self-certification requirements are in place until 12th April currently, but may be extended if the BEF veterinary team determine that a risk remains.

We hope that you will support us in helping protect the health of our equine population.

If you have any questions, please contact, or the event organiser.