Posted on 19th March 2019

Payment on mobile and Apple devices

On any mobile device, please ensure that it has been updated with the latest software available.


On Apple devices we are aware that a specific security setting may be blocking users getting through the payment process.

If you are experiencing this In the case of Safari on iPhone please go to:

- Settings

- Safari

- Listed under Privacy & Security: de-activate the 'Prevent Cross-Site Tracking' setting


On Mac Book and iMac devices you will need to: 

- Go to the top left of your screen where you will see the word Safari, click on this

- Select Preferences and then view either the Privacy or the Security tab

- Under these tabs you will see various options; any options that refer to the 'Prevent Cross-Site Tracking' or the blocking of third party website need to be turned off 


What does this mean?

When this setting is on, which is the default behaviour, the browser will not allow one site to understand the details of another site you’ve visited.  This is a common technique used by advertisers so to display adverts to you for similar to products you may have already looked for. 

The final stages of the payment process in the basket comes from our secure CRM System called Salesforce, unfortunately Safari sees this as a different web site and assumes it’s an advertiser tracking your purchases. It them blocks this and therefore the payment page is not displayed.  

British Eventing is looking for a medium-term solution to this, which will involve additional development.  However, in the short term, we recommend switching off this setting, as described above. 

We’d like to assure Members that disabling this setting does not reduce the security of your payment transaction, or compromise the security of your personal information held with British Eventing. Having this setting on or off does not change the way your personal information such as Name, Email Address or Card details are stored and processed. 

Furthermore we’d like to assure members that your payment card details are only entered and stored on the Worldpay Payment system and never recorded on any BE computers or the Salesforce CRM platform.