Posted on 14th April 2021

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Competitor numbers use clarification

As a result of the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and the need for us to maintain social distance, in 2020 BE introduced a policy whereby competitor numbers should be printed at home.  

Along with payment of the start fee online, this removed the need to visit the Entry Secretary’s tent on arrival at a competition, minimising contact and saving time for competitors to support the ‘arrive, compete and leave’ principle.

We have resumed sport in 2021 broadly under the same principles, with some important additional changes as detailed below. It is important that competitors make themselves aware of the policy that each event has in place as shown on their online event schedules.

Sponsor names on numbers

The ability to promote a brand on competitor numbers is a valuable asset to events. The support that the sport receives from a number of companies is incredibly important, and it is therefore crucial that any sponsorship arrangements are delivered.

Where a section is sponsored by a company and their name is displayed onto numbers these numbers must be worn by competitors. The rule amendment below highlights that these numbers may be printed online or provided by the event within COVID-19 protocols.  Each event will make any requirements clear in their online schedule.

Re-usable numbers

Where sections do not carry a sponsor logo, and to aid in the reduction of printing, competitors may also use re-usable number inserts in their bibs. There are a number of products available on the market for use in BE competition. Following a selection process BE have granted a licence to NumberPro to provide re-usable numbers carrying the BE brand, with a financial return to BE for each NumberPro purchased.

You may also continue to print your own numbers if you prefer.

2021 Competitor number rule amendments



















COMPETITOR NUMBER(S)  In the cross country phase of the competition, numbers that are clearly visible from in front and from behind must be worn. In the dressage and show jumping phases, the type of number to be worn is at the discretion of the Organiser. (see also Rule 5.18 for other requirements regarding numbers).


Organisers may stipulate in their Event Schedule the arrangements for competitors bib numbers. Where instructions are provided, competitors may not be allowed to compete unless these directions are complied with. Where there are no instructions, the Competitor should produce their own competitor bib number. The alternatives will include  


  • Printed by Organiser for collection on arrival at event, or
  • Printed by Competitor prior to arrival in accordance with Organiser directions. In this case, Competitors must use the format directed by the Organiser, which may include Organiser's advertising or sponsor information, and must add no other information, or 
  • Produced by Competitor. In this case, the numbers, which should not be handwritten must be clearly visible for Officials, including Fence Judges. These bib numbers may include no information other than the number itself.  They may also include the British Eventing name and logo.    


In the dressage and show jumping phases, the type of number to be worn is at the discretion of the Organiser

In the cross-country phase of the competition, bib numbers must be worn and must be clearly visible from in front and from behind.