Posted on 10th January 2020

Clarification over the 2020 BE whip rule

We are aware that some members are confused as to whether British Eventing has made a change to permitted whips for 2020. We would like to clarify that British Eventing is not introducing a new rule in relation to the type of whips that are permitted (rule 7.6), and the only change is to the use of the whip (rule 5.5).


Please see below:

7.6 Whips (unchanged from 2019)

No whip of any kind may be carried whilst competing in the dressage test. One whip only, no longer than 120cm including lash, may be carried when riding on the flat at any other time. One whip only, no longer than 75cm and not weighted, may be carried when jumping any obstacle .

Please note the change to the rule 5.5:

5.5 Horse Welfare – Abuse of Horse

  • Use of the Whip
  • With appropriate severity.  As a reprimand only.  However; it should never be hit more than three times twice for any one incident. Use of a whip which causes injury, e.g. broken skin or weal, is always excessive.

The full 2020 BE Rules and Members’ Handbook can be found HERE.