Posted on 8th March 2019

Breeding information update


Following a website update yesterday, further information on horse pedigrees has now been added to horse’s profiles on the BE website.


Please note that breeding information displayed on the website for each horse is dependent on the details available and supplied when they are registered.

Improvements include, where BE registered horses have a sire and/or dam that has a BE eventing record, the sire and/or dam will be hyperlinked to their eventing record, as well as showing this information in the pedigree tab. Where available, the breeders name is included, along with a link to the British Studbook (AES and Sport Horse Breeding of GB) - if the studbook has a public link.

An example of these changes can be found on the profile of Classic Moet and Billy Walk On.

Horses who have breeding information available but the parents do not have a British Eventing record, will still show the Sire and Dam name but as static data.

This new feature is the starting point in British Eventing’s strategic aim to support and encourage the breeding and development of the Eventing Sporthorse in the UK by actively linking eventing performance records to horse pedigrees. There is still a lot of work to be done to update the database with information, however future improvements are in development.

If you have any suggestions or offer help in updating our database please email Renee in the BE office on

Further questions

Why is my horse’s sire or dam wrong when I look up my horse? 

This may be down to the automatic look up by our database trying to find a match for the sire name you put in at the time of registration.  We can easily correct this for you (after verification) please email

Why is there not a link to FEI performance records? 

A horse’s FEI eventing record can be found in the horse’s BE eventing record. 

Any further questions, please email