Posted on 7th February 2020

BE Entry System Update

Three weeks after entries opened for the 2020 season, it’s great to see members are successfully entering through the BE website for the events that are open.


With British Eventing’s new Entries, Admin, Results and Scoring (EARS) system, all entries now come through the BE system, and since EARS launched in January, we have received over 2,500 entries.

Extended Phone Line Support

Our phone lines are now open until 7pm on a Monday evening to support members with any queries ahead of ballot days on Tuesday.

Helpful Tips for Making Your Entries

Below are some tips to help you when making your entries:

  1. Ensure your membership is renewed/purchased, horse registrations completed and season tickets purchased before starting to make an entry.   The system has inbuilt validations, so not competing these steps first will slow you down!
  2. Within your Account on the website, update your emergency contact details and cross country colours and so on before you make your entries. This information will then automatically populate these fields on the entry form and save you having to fill them each time.
  3. Once you have selected the Event that you wish to enter from the Fixtures list, navigate to the Classes tab for details of the classes being held and click the Enter button.
  4. After completing Step 1 of the entry form with the rider details, Step 2 allows you enter up to five horses on that page. If you wish to enter more horses for that event simply add the first five to the basket and then return to the Event page and click Make a New Entry to start Step 1 again. Entries will remain in the basket until you have finished adding to the basket and complete the checkout process.  The level is set to five horses in line with Rule 4.2.2 which restricts a competitor to ride a maximum of five horses in the cross country phase in one day.
  5. Similarly, if you wish to make an entry for two or more riders in the same purchase transaction, complete the entries for the first rider, add them to the basket and return to the Event page to Make a New Entry for the next rider.
  6. The Ballot Order and Running Order fields must be completed if entering more than one horse. This information will assist the entry secretary if the event is oversubscribed and when timetabling the event. If you plan to make entries across more than one day of competition for the event, we suggest that you group your entries together by day so that the ballot and running orders are applicable to each day. Simply complete the first day’s entries, add them to the basket and then return to the event page to Make a New Entry.

We are aware that some members have been trying to make two entries for the same horse at two events for the same weekend. We would like to remind members that with horse welfare in mind rule 5.16 states that a horse may not compete on consecutive days, whether at the same or different events. The entry system has been designed to ensure that no entries are submitted which may breach this rule. 

If you have any queries about making an entry outside of the office hours, please do contact us by using the contact us page on the website. We will respond as quickly as possible.