Posted on 14th January 2020

BE Accredited Coaches celebrate UKCC Level 4 Achievements

The British Equestrian Federation (BEF) recently celebrated eight high-performing equestrian coaches on the completion of their BEF Level 4 Coaching Certificate qualifications.


BE Accredited Coaches led the way with five included in the line-up: Tina Ure, Victoria Gallantree, Lisa Morris, Michael Paveley and Sam York.

The BEF is working with the University of Gloucestershire to deliver the Level 4 Coaching Certificate, which is endorsed by UK Coaching Certificate (UKCC). The Level 4 qualification involves an advanced syllabus of professional education and recognises high-performing coaches with considerable experience. The BEF recognises that informed and confident coaches are key to inspiring participation at all levels and these coaches will bring expertise in growing areas of participation,  talent development and elite performance.

The Level 4 coaching qualification is a bespoke two-year programme that includes a Postgraduate Diploma in Professional Practice in Sport Coaching delivered by the University of Gloucestershire, in partnership with the BEF and British Rowing.

BE Accredited Coaches completing their BEF Level 4 Coaching Certificate are:

Tina Ure is passionate about working with the young riders through Pony Club and into the BE Regional Youth Programme, while encouraging riders of all levels to develop a better understanding of safe, effective cross country riding. She has played a key role in setting up Ely Eventing Centre and the affiliated competition and training venue at Little Downham.

Victoria Gallantree set up Grendon Equestrian Centre in 1995 as a British Horse Society (BHS) Livery yard, Pony Club Centre and riding school. She holds a BHS Stage 5 in Complete Horsemanship and a UKCC3 BE Accredited Coaching Certificate. To enhance her coaching, Victoria is a trained counsellor with a Level 5 Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling.

Lisa Morris started as a freelance coach, and is a BHS Assessor, an accredited British Eventing (BE) Coach and a Pony Club Specialist Visiting Coach. She has worked for BE as a Regional Youth Coach since 2011. She enjoys coaching people at every level, from those starting out at the beginning of their equine adventure through to selecting and supporting elite athletes at championship level.

Michael Paveley is a BHS Stage 5 Coach in Complete Horsemanship and BE Regional Youth Coach. He is the Chief Instructor for Essex Farmers Pony Club, a Pony Club examiner and a Specialist Coach, in addition to being Program Manager at the Milton Campus of the College of West Anglia and Director of Riding at New Hall School in Essex.

Sam York is a BHS Fellow and Assessor, a BE Accredited Coach and Regional Youth Coach, coach for the British Army eventing and showjumping teams, and the official India Eventing coach. She gained a post on the executive committee for the International Group for Equestrian Qualifications (IGEQ), where she is technical delegate for over 40 countries.

Also receiving their certificates were Pat Crann, Tom Simkin and Phil Kinsella. The graduates were presented with their certificates by BEF Interim Chief Executive Iain Graham.

“Coaches play a vital role in our sport, helping to inspire riders of all ages and abilities and give them the tools they need to reach their potential,” commented Iain. “To reach Level 4 requires hard work, dedication and a passion for the art of coaching, and I commend today’s graduates – and indeed those graduates who have come before them – for everything that they have given to our industry.”

The presentation was part of the programme at the BEF’s inaugural Applied Coaching Forum, held at Pillar Hall at Olympia, The London International Horse Show. The aim of the forum was to share coaching knowledge gained during recent research projects, with presentation topics including the role of positive psychology in coaching, the impact of isolation within coaching, and what makes an elite rider and how coaches need to modify their coaching to accommodate them.

“We’re delighted to be hosting this forum to share the research undertaken by our coaches as part of the BEF Level 4 Coaching Certificate or further study for their MSc or Professional Doctorate in Professional Practice in Sports Coaching,” commented Anna Hall, Head of Participation at the BEF. “At the end of this year, we will have 30 Level 4 coaches and six MSc graduates who have undertaken significant pieces of research into different aspects of equestrian coaching.  We want to ensure our coaching, and our coach development systems, are evidence-based and so this forum is the first opportunity to transfer that body of knowledge and research to not only other practising coaches, but also to the training and education leads within the BEF’s member bodies.”

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Image credit: BEF/Jon Stroud Media