Posted on 27th November 2020

2021 Membership Discounts 

Following the membership discount announcement in July, please find below some further details on how eligible members will receive their 10% discount for membership, and 50% discount for Horse Season Tickets, renewing in 2021, should they wish to use them.  


The 10% discount can be used on memberships with a renewal date in 2021The discount amount is based on 10% of the price of the membership which was held at 31 May 2020, including any discounts applied at that time i.e. green membership discount. 

Members paying by Spread Direct Debit and Direct Debit will be able to request a 10% refund on their 2021 membership once the full membership fee has been collected. Members paying by cash/debit or credit card/cheque will be sent an email with an online discount code six weeks before their 2021 renewal date*. 

Members Paying by Cash/Credit Card/Cheque 

Members who pay by Debit or Credit Card/Cash/Cheque, will be sent a one time use voucher code for the value of their discount. This will be emailed six weeks ahead of their 2021 renewal date*. 

When purchasing membership online, apply your discount code at the checkout to redeem your reduction. Voucher codes are generated based on the membership type held at the 31 May and can only be used on an equivalent group or individual membership type:

  • Individual Membership Types - Full and Owner (Individual)
  • Group Membership Types - Syndicate, Corporate, Joint Owner

Members Paying by Spread Direct Debit (SDD) 

Eligible members who pay by SDD have been sent an email today outlining how they will be able to request their 10% refund once the final membership payment has been collected in April 2021.  

Members who switch from SDD to pay by cash/debit or credit card/cheque will need to contact the office to request a discount code. 

Members Paying by Direct Debit (DD) 

Eligible members who pay by DD will get an email five weeks before their 2021 renewal date outlining how they can request their 10% discount. After the membership has been renewed in 2021 and the DD collected, an email with a link to request their refund will be sent out. 

Members who switch from DD to pay by cash/debit or credit card/cheque will need to contact the office to request a discount code. 

Horse Season Tickets 

Owners of eligible horses will receive a 50% discount code in the New Year ahead of Season Tickets being available to purchase. The discount is available for members who purchased Full Season Tickets between 1 January and 31 May 2020 and is not eligible on Half Season Tickets.

If you believe you are an eligible member who has not received your email notice five weeks before your renewal date (DD/SDD members), or your voucher code six weeks before your renewal date* for members paying by debit or credit card/cash/cheque, please email 


*Members with a renewal date in early January will be sent their discount code as soon as possible.