Posted on 17th September 2020

2020 Director Nomination Notice

Do you feel that you have a valuable contribution to make to our sport, have the skills, attributes and experience detailed in the role description and have time available to commit to British Eventing (BE)? Then you may wish to consider applying for the role of a BE Director.


British Eventing is served by a non-executive Board and the Directors act on a voluntary basis. There can be up to nine Board Directors, and the Chairman is appointed by the Board. Except for the Chief Executive, who is a Director by virtue of their position, Directors can be elected (up to four Directors) or appointed (up to four Directors) to serve a term of four years. They can serve a further four years in direct succession if re-elected or re-appointed.

Our current Board and Committee structure is as detailed here.

Les Smith is coming to the end of his first term in office and so we will be holding an election for a Director at our Members Meeting to be held in week commencing 23rd November 2020 in accordance with our Articles of Association.

Whilst the Board meets formally a minimum of six times per year, Directors are involved with committees and regular video conference calls are held. On average Directors commit four days per month to British Eventing.

How can I nominate myself?

If you are interested in standing for election and meet the criteria as detailed in Article 37 of the Articles of Association detailed in the Director Nomination Notice, then please download and complete a nomination form here. Please return completed nominations and associated attachments by midnight on 24th September 2020 by email to


View 2020 Director Nomination Notice and Role Description

Download Self-Nomination Form