Junior Programme

Registration on to the Junior Youth Performance Programme is required for any combination aiming for selection for the Youth European Championships. While the Youth European Championships will represent the peak for the chosen squad, every effort will be made for all who participate in the programme to gain from the education and the competition and to have fun while doing so.

Junior Programme Eligibility

Riders are required to be between the years of their 14th birthday and 18th birthday.

To join the NAF Junior Programme, combinations must have achieved the Minimum Eligibility Requirement for CCI2*-L:

(4 x Novice PLUS 1 Intermediate) OR (4 x Novice PLUS 1 x CCI2*-S) OR (6 x Novice)

International MER:

  • Dressage: Not more than 55  penalties
  • Cross country: Clear jumping with no more than 75 seconds exceeding the optimum time
  • Show Jumping: Not more than 16 jumping penalties

National MER:

  • Dressage: Not more than 50 penalties
  • Show Jumping: Not more than 16 jumping penalties
  • Cross Country: Clear jumping with no more than 30 time penalties

The Youth Performance Manager in conjunction with the Regional Youth Chairman reserve the right to co-opt any athlete/horse combination onto the programme.


How much does it cost to join the Programme?

Registration onto the Programme costs £27 per combination. The fee is an annual charge for each combination entitling them to register on as many of the programmes as they choose, which is valid until 31 December 2021. At registration, riders select the Programmes that they wish to engage with as a combination. If combinations wish to join additional programmes as the season progresses, that will also be possible under the same registration fee. 


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Junior Championships

British Junior Championship

The NAF British Young Rider Championship is hosted annually at South of England Horse Trials.

Junior European Championship

Following the cancellation of the 2020 European Championship at Hartpury, Gloucestershire, due to COVID-19, the 2021 Championships will take place in Segersjö, Sweden (26-29 August 2021). The Championship is then scheduled to return to Hartpury in 2022.

All combinations must be certified by their national federation as qualified to compete at the required level.

View full details in the FEI Rule Book HERE.

Selection Policy

Selectors and Officials

Youth Performance Manager - Darrell Scaife

Youth Performance Selectors

  • Charlie Lane (Independent Chair)
  • Sue Bagley
  • Craig Barr (non-voting)
  • Jon Collins
  • Jane Peters
  • Sue Stewart
  • Sally Taylor

Youth Performance Coaches

  • Christie Wright
  • Caroline Moore 
  • Philip Surl 

Youth contact

For more information on the Youth Performance Programme, including eligibility and MERs, please contact the Sport Team on international@britisheventing.com or 02476 698856.