Under 21 Rider League

The Goldman Cup is awarded annually to the leading rider aged under 21 at the end of the season. 

The Goldman Cup was first awarded in 1958 and has a long and illustrious list of previous recipients such as Judy Bradwall (four consecutive years), Lucinda Green, Ginny Leng, William Fox-Pitt, Pippa Nolan (now Funnell), Matthew Wright, Oliver Townend and more recently Tom McEwen and Sam Ecroyd.

The Goldman Cup League results will be released at the end of the 2019 season.

Goldman Cup 2018

Position Name Points
1st Miss Yasmin Ingham 346
2nd Mr Sam Ecroyd 333
3rd Miss Bubby Upton 265
4th Miss Felicity Collins 223
5th Mr Richard Coney 187
6th Miss Heidi Coy 176
7th Miss Alex Kennedy 161
8th Miss Rosa Onslow 149
9th Miss Phoebe Locke 143
10th Miss Lizzie Baugh 130
11th Miss Lucy Robinson 128
12th Mr Harry Mutch 121
13th Mr Max Warburton 109
14th Miss Charlotte Bacon 96
15th Miss Harriet Wright 88
16th Miss Isabel White 86
=17th Miss Mollie Summerland 82
=17th Mr James Rushbrooke 82
19th Miss Georgia Bartlett 71
20th Miss Naomi Lawrence 68