Grassroots Foundation Points League

The Grassroots Foundation Points Leagues are for horses and riders winning Foundation Points at BE90, BE100 and BE105 level, who are eligible to compete at the BE90 and BE100 Championships at Badminton. 

The Grassroots Foundation Points Leagues results below are correct as of October 17 2019.

Grassroots Top Riders League 2018


Placing Rider Points
1st        Mrs Katy Lawrence 212
2nd        Miss Alana Sparrow 184
3rd        Mrs Joanne Watts 158
4th=       Miss Jasmine Wilks 129
4th=       Mrs Katie Stephens-grandy 129
6th        Mr Martin Arnott 121
7th        Mr Ollie Martin 107
8th        Miss Kathryn Woolley 100
9th=       Miss Katie Mclaren 92
9th=       Ms Victoria Wentworth 92
11th       Miss Charlotte Bull 90
12th=      Miss Kate Broatch 88
12th=      Mrs Jane Rogers 88
12th=      Mrs Philippa Hendry 88
15th=      Mrs Michele Hill 86
15th=      Mrs Kathy Staples 86
17th       Miss Poppy Pitt 85
18th       Miss Katie Pollock 84
19th=      Miss Abby Corlett 83
19th=      Miss Rebecca Jessett 83

Grassroots Top Horses League 2018


Placing Horse Owner Points
1st        ANGELS SPIRIT Rasshied Din 174
2nd        WHITEMOORS FIRST FLIGHT Katy Lawrence 154
3rd        CHURCHSIDE REFLECTION Deirdre Hunt 116
4th=       VISTIMAR Katie Mclaren 92
4th=       DILANO Z Victoria Wentworth 92
6th        MACADAM JEWEL Suzy Bull 90
7th=       TRENT RED MEXICO Kate Broatch 88
7th=       CORRIEVIEW MERLIN MAGIC Jane Rogers 88
9th        TERRYGREEHAN DEMPSEY Michele Hill 86
10th       PERCIVALS REBEL Rebecca Jessett 83
11th       THINK TANK THINK Sophia Icke 82
12th=      MIS FANTASTIC Fleur Kingsford 80
12th=      ZARENTO VDL Sarah Warner 80
14th       ELDYNO Caroline Bridge 79
15th       BLAZE Emma Buchanan 78
16th=      SILKEN CREME Carolyne Allen 77
16th=      PROFESSOR SPROUT Alison Burns 77
18th       HHS CANYA Rose Macpherson 76
19th=      MIH GLADIATOR Ollie Martin 75
19th=      EDEN III Sophie Edwards 75