Strategy and project updates

The British Eventing Strategic plan was released in 2016, setting out the goals, key performance indicators and critical success factors required to meet the vision of the sport – ‘to provide the ultimate equestrian challenge’.

Goals focus around critical success factors of people, horses, success, modernisation and innovation. These include developing insights to engage with current and potential members, continuing to review and maintain leading standards in event quality and risk management and to educate and promote horse welfare.

The plan runs from 2016-2020 and was introduced after a strategic planning process which started on the 4th August 2015. This included representatives from all the key stakeholder groups creating the raw material which has formulated the plan.

BE continue to review the strategy yearly and prioritise key targets and milestones for the sport and business. This enables the management team to target resources in the most appropriate way to achieve the vision and critical success factors of the sport.

Read the full strategic plan HERE.

BE’s Strategic Goals 2020

  1. Facilitate the delivery of a safe and fair sport.
  2. Increase the success, profile, engagement and participation across the sport.
  3. Manage and facilitate the financial viability of the sport.
  4. Drive innovation to modernise the sport.
  5. Put communication and transparency at the heart of the BE brand.

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