I.T. Strategic Review Task Force

British Eventing have created a taskforce, led by Di Brunsden, to conduct a review of BE’s I.T. systems for managing entries, balloting and scoring, which currently comprise of two main systems, namely EARS and EventingScores. 

The purpose of the I.T. Programme Strategy Review is to analyse the current I.T. situation, fully assess the associated capabilities and risks of the IT programme and provide recommendations to the BE Board for next steps. This includes a short-, medium- and long-term strategy for the direction and level of further investment. These recommendations will be designed to help resolve the operational issues and ensure that any future spend on these I.T. systems is sensible, realistic and effective.

The taskforce will begin work immediately with the aim of completing its work as soon as possible.  The review will consist of two phases. Firstly, an initial assessment and review of the I.T. performance, to be followed by recommendations and proposed next steps. 

The taskforce, to be Chaired by Di Brunsden, will include members of the BE Board, the BE I.T. team, BE CEO, BE COO, Miranda Collett, a rider representative, two organiser representatives, an entries agent for professional riders and Terry Miller as Secretariat.  

Both Di and Terry have been involved in the sport for several years and will be personally known to many organisers, riders and other stakeholders. Both Di and Terry have evented at grassroots level and now own horses from BE90 up to Championship level. They both played an instrumental role in the small team that created and implemented the Event Rider Masters Series in 2016.

Di has a degree in software development and has more than 20 years’ experience in writing software, designing databases, and managing teams to deliver large I.T. projects with complex functionality and strict deadlines as a Managing Director, first at JP Morgan and then at Deutsche Bank.  

Terry is experienced in governance and risk management. She was a partner at Goldman Sachs before joining the management committee for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games from 2006 to 2013. Since then Terry has served as a Director of the British Olympic Association and a member of the Working Group on Governance and Integrity Reform for World Athletics. 

The BE Board would like to thank everyone for their support and patience and to thank Di Brunsden, Terry Miller and all those involved for volunteering their time and expertise to BE.

Terms of Reference


The IT Steering Committee has been established as a committee of the BE Board with the stated aim “to ensure that all further work to develop and maintain the current IT systems, and consideration of any short-, medium- and long-term IT strategy, is carried out in an efficient and cost-effective manner in alignment with the strategic objectives of BE and to support the delivery of sport”. 

The Committee will work closely with other BE Board Committees, working groups, advisory groups or other BE bodies (such as the EARS Working Group), drawing upon information and input, and will seek to coordinate its actions with those of the other bodies so as to avoid any duplication of effort.   

In order to achieve its aim and stated objectives, the Board asks that before taking any actions involving significant IT development work, the IT Steering Committee must be informed so as to ensure that the IT impact will be fully considered.” 



  • Di Brunsden (Chair, and EHOA Representative)
  • Terry Miller (Secretariat and EHOA Representative)
  • Wendy Evans (Entries secretary/scorer)
  • Jenny Levett (Entries agent)
  • Jude Matthews (CEO)
  • Jane Peters (BE Board member)
  • Debbie Pritchard (Head of Sport)
  • Elaine Tragett (ERA representative)
  • Helen West (BE Board member and event organiser)  
  • Martin Wright (ERA grassroots representative)