Behind BE

British Eventing is run by a dedicated team who work together to enable the sport to take place to the highest possible standards. They include the Board, head office staff, regional staffcommittees and officials.  


British Eventing has a Board of Directors, along with committees and working groups who support it, to govern the organisation and plan its strategic direction. 

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The Board

The non-executive Board of Directors are responsible for the overall good governance of the sport and the strategic direction of the company.

Head office staff


British Eventing officials are the key team deployed by British Eventing to make sure that affiliated events run to the BE standards and within the rules.


Volunteers play an integral part in the running of our sport. Without their dedication in all weathers, the sport could not take place.

Regional staff

BE Accredited Coaches

There are approximately 200 BE Accredited coaches, who are split into three types of BE Accredited Coach. These are Development Coach, BE Coach and Master Coach. Find our directory of BE Accredited Coaches below.

Founder Members

BE is grateful to the following people who showed their support and commitment to the sport when BE (then BHTA), first became independent in 1997 from the British Horse Society. 

They are in alphabetical order:

  • Mr Philip Adkins 
  • Mr Michael Allen 
  • Mr Francis Birks 
  • Miss Katy Deithrick 
  • Miss Joyce Fielden Porter 
  • Mr John N Foden 
  • Mrs Hannah Fowler (nee Freeman) 
  • Mr W G Henson 
  • Miss Elizabeth Ioria 
  • Mr G F Lane Fox 
  • Mrs Polly Lochore 
  • Mr Alistair Martin-Bird 
  • Miss Joanna Mason 
  • Capt Mark Phllips CVO FBHS 
  • Mrs A L Rook 
  • Mrs Carolinie Sheridon (nee Doel) 
  • Miss Stefanie Thompson 
  • Mr John Tulloch 
  • Miss C S Wheatley-Hubbard 
  • Miss Sarah Williamson 
  • Mr Rhydian Wynn-Williams 


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Although grooms don't need to be members of British Eventing, everyone recognises how important their role is in the sport. 

The British Grooms' Association (BGA) was created to provide a national organisation for grooms of all disciplines. It is the only association of its kind in the world, and it aims to bring together those who work in this sector of the equine industry and give all members a sense of belonging. Find out more HERE