Gracie Tyte






Level competing at:

BE90, BE100, BE105

About me:

My name is Gracie Tyte and I’m a 15 year old event rider from the East of England. I compete at BE100 level with my 14.2hh pony Prince whilst also producing my 4 year old Connemara Johnny who I bought myself from Ireland in January. On top of eventing, looking after the ponies, and school, I also manage my social media channels where I share my story with the ponies, with my main platform being @pony_nuts on Instagram. Almost 5 years of posting the ups, and the downs, of horses and vlogging competitions on my YouTube channel (Pony Nuts) has accumulated more than 200,000 followers in total across my social medias. I’m very lucky to have so many supportive people following me, and of course my family who, without them, it wouldn’t be possible!

About my horses:

My main pony is Liskillen Prince, a 14.2hh, 10 year old grey Connemara gelding who I have had for over a year now. Prince is the most honest, genuine, and kindest pony I have ever met, and probably ever will meet. He has the best personality and not only this, but he is super talented as well! In the time I’ve had him he has taken me from just about doing 80cm ODEs to going double clear and placing in BE100s and even completing a BE105 at the end of last season, on top of many other things! After seeing how talented the Connemara breed could be, in January I travelled to Ireland and bought with my own money a 4 year old, 14.2hh Connemara gelding named Johnny. Whilst I’m eventing Prince, I am slowly producing Johnny in the background, getting him lots of experience before he hopefully starts his BE journey next season. I’m excited to see what we get up to!

What is my favourite thing about eventing?

My favourite thing about eventing is the opportunities it has opened up for me. The brilliant thing about starting affiliated competition is that you get to meet so many people with the same goals as you and this has allowed me to form some lifelong friendships. I also love the fact that there is always something to aim for, whether it be teams or badminton grassroots. Each event has the most amazing atmosphere and I they are always run well, with everyone being so supportive. In a sport which can be quite demanding on both the horse and rider, I think it is great that there are so many friendly volunteers around to help at all times.

Who inspires me?

Not to be cliché, but my mum! She works so hard all the time to look after me and help me with the ponies whilst I’m at school. When I went to Ireland, we didn’t just come back with one pony, but two! My mum saw a little 2 year old dun colt and fell in love with, so home came Rocco as well. I’m so happy she has her own pony now as well who she is aiming for showing classes. I’m not sure how she juggles everything if I’m honest!

What motivates me to event?

For me, I think it is the excitement that follows me around from the moment I wake up in the morning, and the thrill of galloping out of the start box. There really is no other feeling like it, and at the end of the day when we come home safe and tired, no matter what happened, I always feel such a sense of love for my ponies and the sport. There are lots of sports in the world, but only in ours can you say that all in a weekend’s work we navigated a half tonne animal with a mind of it’s own through a 5 minute dressage test, around a course of balanced painted poles, and over 24 solid XC jumps!