Course builders and designers

Course builders and designers play a crucial role in the standard, safety and excitement of the sport as we know it. To become a BE accredited course designer or builder takes many years of experience, but we aim to make the process as accessible as possible. BE runs a number of training courses, supported by Equitility, around the country.

How do I get involved?

For those who have not been involved in a cross country course build or design at BE events before, it is advisable to initially offer your help with the build and/or design of the cross country course at your local BE event. You could contact your local BE accredited course builder or designer, the technical adviser (TA) for your local event or your local organiser. It would also be advisable to contact your local BE regional coordinator (RC), as they may be able to suggest a suitable event in your area. If there is a BE training course for course builders and/or designers in your area, you might find it useful to attend so you can meet like-minded people and BE officials who will be able to offer you expert advice. Being involved in BE events and getting to know your local BE officials is incredibly valuable, as in order to be accepted as a candidate BE accredited course builder or designer you will need to present letters of recommendation from both a TA and an RC on application.

What is the assessment process?

Each candidate is issued with a log book, which will be filled in by their assessor to show areas for improvement or areas where the candidate has particularly excelled. The assessor will use the criteria in the log book to recommend the candidate as 'competent', in which case the candidate will then be accepted onto the BE accredited list at the appropriate level, or 'not yet competent' where the areas in which the candidate requires improvement are identified.

How do I become accredited?

If you have some experience of building or designing cross country courses for Pony Club, riding club or hunter trials and would like to progress, you can apply to become a BE accredited course builder or designer. To become either a Bronze Level BE accredited builder or C List BE accredited designer, you will need to submit an up-to-date CV, along with a letter of recommendation from a TA and your local BE RC. The CV should include the applicant's involvement in events (of any level) in any of the following roles:

  • Organising committees
  • Cross country course building
  • Cross country course designing
  • Officiating
  • Competing

Details of any BE or FEI training courses attended should also be included.

If you are wishing to move up a level, being already BE accredited, the application process is the same as for non-accredited applicants. Applications should be submitted to the BE Office at or by post to our office address: British Eventing, Stoneleigh Park, Kenilworth, Warwickshire, CV8 2RN.

What about moving from a Restricted to a Professional Builder or Designer?

If you are a restricted (at Bronze builder level or above, and all levels of designer) BE accredited builder or designer, and wish to become professional, you will need to design or build a BE cross country course at a secondary event under the observation of a TA or member of the course designer or course builder assessment panels (CDAP or CBAP).

You will then need to ask the TA for that event to complete a 'Confirmation of Professional Status' form and submit this to the BE office. This confirms that you have designed or built a suitable course at a secondary site at a suitable standard for your BE accredited level. Following this confirmation you will be added to the professional list at your current level. 

Are you interested in course building and designing? Find out if you could be eligible for our Course Design Scholarship.