CPD for BE Coaches

We place great value on a coach's ongoing development and recognise the importance of maintaining high quality training for our coaches in order to continue to improve the sport. We offer numerous CPD opportunities for BE coaches, including our annual home coaches day, regional coaching development days, opportunities to be involved with rider training on behalf of BE, and external opportunities allowing BE coaches to benefit from knowledge from other sports. BE Accredited coaches must attend at least one official BE CPD opportunity every 12 months.

Home Coaches Day

The home coaches day sees some of the industry’s most experienced experts sharing their knowledge and discussing various topics affecting eventing today. It aims to be a highly educational day and provide performance coaches with information that they can mould to their own system.

Regional Coaching Development Days

Accredited Coach education days can cover many of the topical coaching subjects of the day and can/will be arranged across the year. The aim of the days is to provide guidance and information on coaching best practice, and improving knowledge. The days are open to both BE Accredited and non-accredited coaches, and are designed to accommodate coaches with all levels of experience. The days also offer a good opportunity for coaches to meet other coaches and to exchange advice and support.

Grassroots coaching through the levels

This will be run in a workshop style including the observation of coaching of riders at BE80/90, BE100, BE105/Novice working on flatwork/pole work sessions in the morning and show jumping sessions in the afternoon. There will also be a presentation at lunchtime, which will include a question and answer session.

Coach: Lisa Morris, BEF level 4 coach, BECC level 3 coach (Eventing)

Date: 20 April 2020

Venue: Newbold Verdon Equestrian Centre, The Fields Farm, Newbold Verdon, LE9 9NE


Course Walk CPD Days

These days are open to all coaches, both BE Accredited and non-accredited, and aim to develop and enhance the skills of all British Eventing coaches who, as part of their role, undertake cross country course walks with competitors either as part of a squad or team or with individual clients.

The format includes input and discussion with the course designer and coach educator, including key questions raised around the course and variations between levels, and continues with observation in small groups with discussion around course walk delivery, managing groups and use of language. The day then progresses with a further group discussion and observation of hoof prints at key combinations, and concludes by summing up further development opportunities.

Other CPD Opportunities


BHS – Eventing Focus Education Day

To find out more and to book, please contact Hannah Marsh on hannah.marsh@bhs.org.uk or 07715 161578.

Presenter: Jon Evans

Date: 7 June 2020

Venue: Berkshire College of Agriculture



Please keep an eye on the website for CPD opportunities, and if you have any suggestions for suitable CPD topics please contact training@britisheventing.com.