About horses for sale


What makes the 'Event Horses for Sale' website different?

The 'Event Horses for Sale' website allows you to exclusively view a selection of current and potential event horses. You also have the choice to link directly to a horses British Eventing record and view its competition history. 

Do I need to be a member of British Eventing to advertise a horse?

No, anyone can advertise a horse on the Horses for Sale section of the website. If you are a member of British Eventing you will be asked to login, this is so that the details of your advert can be saved later. If you are a new user, you will be asked to complete a free of charge registration, taking only a few minutes and allowing you to login and place an advert. 

What will you do with my registration details?

These will be stored securely on the British Eventing database. Please note, you will not be contacted by British Eventing or any third parties unless you opt in to do so. 

Can I only advertise my horse if it is an event horse?

No, you can advertise a horse that could be a potential eventer, or may appeal to those looking to buy a current or potential event horse. 

Does my horse have to have a British Eventing record?

No, but if your horse does have a British Eventing record you can link your advert directly to the results free of charge. This is a unique service specific to the Event Horses for Sale website and and we advise that sellers use this. It is free of charge and allows potential buyers to find out as much as possible about your horse's competition history. 

Can I update my advert once I have posted it?

Yes, by logging in, navigating to 'My Account', followed by 'My Horses'. Click on the 'For Sale' tab under this page and you should see an Edit button next to you advert.

How long will my advert be up for?

Your advert will be live for four weeks. You can advertise your horse for as many weeks as you would like, so long as these are in four week blocks. 

How many images can I include?

You can include up to four images. Please note landscape images are preferable. 

How much does it cost to advertise?

An advert costs £30 no matter the value of the horse. 

How much does it cost to renew an advert?

Renewing an advert for another four weeks costs £20. To renew an advert, please call 02476 698856 before the expiry date of your advert. 

Optional add-ons for sellers

You can link to a youtube video for an additional £5 and make your advert bold for an additional £5.

What payment methods are accepted?

You can pay online via most major credit and debit cards. Please note we do not accept American Express.

Who do I contact if I am having problems?

02476 698855 or email marketing@britisheventing.com

What happens if I sell my horse after just one week online?

You will be able to mark the horse as sold or remove the advert completely should you wish to. To do so, log in, navigate to 'My Account', followed by 'My Horses'. Click on the 'For Sale' tab under this page and you should see an option to Mark as Sold.