Day Passes

As a Day Pass, Supporter or Full Member, you can compete a horse from BE80(T) through to Intermediate Novice levels (including Open and Under 18 classes) on Day Passes. In order to compete from BE90 through to Intermediate Novice on a Day Pass, you need to purchase one Horse Day Pass and one Rider Day Pass to cover you both for one day of competition. To compete at BE80(T) level you only need to purchase a Horse Day Pass for each competion you do. Horses can have an unlimited number of Passes in a season, but riders can only have four Passes in a season.

Read more about Day Pass Membership HERE.

How do I buy a Day Pass?

If you are already a member of British Eventing you will need to login, go to 'My Account' and click on ‘Buy Passes’  – watch our HOW TO video for a step by step guide.

Before you can purchase Day Passes, you must:

  • Have a Day Pass, Supporter or Full Membership. Owner, Joint Owner, Syndicate and Corporate Members can purchase Horse Day Passes, but they cannot ride in competition – the rider must have a Day Pass, Supporter or a Full Membership. Full Members will only need to purchase a Horse Day Pass in order to compete.
  • Register the horse with British Eventing*. Registration is free but there are some key pieces of information that you should be aware of, and certain pieces of documentation that you will need to provide. Please ensure you read how to register your horse HERE before trying to purchase a Horse Membership.

*If your horse has ever been registered with British Eventing before (with you or a previous owner) you do not need to complete a horse registration. If they have previously been registered with you as the owner you will need to log into your BE account, select My Horses, and here you will find all the information in order to purchase Season Tickets/Day Passes etc. If they have been registered with a different owner, you will need to complete a change of ownership. Find out more HERE.

How much do Day Passes cost?

A Horse Day Pass costs £16 and a Rider Day Pass costs £16, but if you purchase them both online in the same transaction, you will pay a reduced rate of £25 instead of £32. If are not a current member of BE, you will first need to purchase a membership HERE.

Can I qualify for Championships with Day Passes?

You can qualify for and compete in Regional Finals for the BE80(T), BE90 and BE100 Championships on Day Passes, however in order to compete at the Championships themselves you will need to have a Season Ticket for your horse and Full Membership for yourself.

What happens if my event is abandoned? 

If your event is abandoned you can use your Day Pass to make an entry to another event. In order to make your Day Pass available again for further entries, please contact the Membership Team at

Refunds for passes are only for medical, veterinary, balloting or abandonment reasons and any refund must be applied for before 31 December of the year in which the pass was purchased. Send applications to and ensure that the horse's BE registered name is on the vet's letter and application - not the stable name. Please note that the maximum refund amount available is up to 95 per cent.