Top Horse League

The Top Horse League uses BE Points won at Novice level and above.

The 2019 Top 20 Horses League will be updated as soon as possible.

Top Horses 2018

Position Horse Sire x Dam Owner Country Points
1st ALLSTAR B Rosalind Canter, Caroline Moore GBR - Great Britain 408
2nd ZENSHERA Rosalind Canter GBR - Great Britain 365
3rd BALLAGHMOR CLASS Val Ryan, Angela Hislop, Karyn Shuter United Kingdom 354
4th MR CHUNKY Lucy Mccarthy, Huw Lloyd GBR - Great Britain 341
5th SWALLOW SPRINGS Diana Ridgeon, Paul W Ridgeon United Kingdom 334
6th CLASSIC MOET Trisha Rickards United Kingdom 328
7th QUARRYCREST ECHO Jayne Mcgivern United Kingdom 308
8th PAMERO 4 Clive Smith GBR - Great Britain 304
9th RINGWOOD SKY BOY Varenna Allen, Tim Price United Kingdom 298
10th TOLEDO DE KERSER Fred Barker, Penny Barker, Jane Inns, Alison Mcewen United Kingdom 294
11th ARCTIC SOUL The Soul Syndicate United Kingdom 293
12th CHANCE REMARK Christina Thompson, Jenny Leslie, Peter Thomas, Feena Machin United Kingdom 283
13th COOLEY SRS Angela Hislop United Kingdom 276
14th VASSILY DE LASSOS Paula and David Evans United Kingdom 265
15th MR BASS Keith Scott, Nick How, Laura Collett United Kingdom 261
16th REVE DU ROUET Brett Bullimore GBR - Great Britain 248
17th HALLTOWN HARLEY Suzanne Doggett, Georgie Spence United Kingdom 234
18th AWAY CRUISING Charlotte Opperman United Kingdom 229
19th CALL ME MAGGIE MAY Tom Strong, Sara Strong GBR - Great Britain 226
20th LONDON 52 Keith Scott, Karen Bartlett, Laura Collett United Kingdom 225
21st VENDREDI BIATS Diana Bown, Sally Lloyd-Baker, Samantha Wilson, Sally Eyre United Kingdom 224
22nd ZAGREB Mr & Mrs Ellicott United Kingdom 221
23rd FAERIE DIANIMO Jacky Green, Trisha Rickards GBR - Great Britain 211
24th VANIR KAMIRA Trevor Dickens United Kingdom 207
25th= STRIKE SMARTLY Fred Barker, Penny Barker United Kingdom 205
25th= BILLY THE RED Elisabeth Murdoch United Kingdom 205
27th CEYLOR L A N Jacqueline Owen, Samantha Wilson, Diana Bown GBR - Great Britain 203
28th CEKATINKA JRA Japanese Equestrian Federation United Kingdom 201
29th COOLEY MASTER CLASS Angela Hislop United Kingdom 192
30th ALFIES CLOVER Sandra Martin, Dinah Saunders, Richard P Jones GBR - Great Britain 181
31st CARPA DU BUISSON Z Susan Jenkins United Kingdom 180
32nd SPORTSFIELD OTHELLO Joseph Murphy 179
33rd= DRUMBILLA METRO Catherine O'connor, Simon Grieve, Merna Merrett United Kingdom 178
33rd= REHY DJ Janette Chinn GBR - Great Britain 178
33rd= DARGUN Jane Del Missier United Kingdom 178
36th LUCKY CONTENDER Wendie Foster United Kingdom 172
37th= CONTINUITY David Britnell GBR - Great Britain 171
37th= MAJAS HOPE Pippa Funnell, Marek Sebestak United Kingdom 171
39th WII LIMBO Lucy Fleming, Suzanne Doggett, Russell Spence, Samantha Wilson United Kingdom 170
40th= CAROLYN Duchess Of Roxburghe GBR - Great Britain 169
40th= BRADELEY LAW The Jenning's Syndicate United Kingdom 169
42nd IVAR GOODEN Aivar Ward United Kingdom 168
43rd COOLYS LUXURY The Luxury Syndicate United Kingdom 165
44th LASSBAN DIAMOND LIFT Elisabeth Murdoch United Kingdom 162
45th= CAPELS HOLLOW DRIFT Milly Simmie, Sarah Webb, Patricia Davenport GBR - Great Britain 158
45th= ULISES Diana Ridgeon, Paul W Ridgeon United Kingdom 158
45th= CAMEMBERT Nigel Philp United Kingdom 158
45th= QUALITY PURDEY Claire Poole United Kingdom 158
45th= CHILLI KNIGHT Christopher Stone GBR - Great Britain 158
50th PATS JESTER Kate Maitland, Therese Miller GBR - Great Britain 154
51st BILLY WALK ON Barbara Walkinshaw, Nicholas Walkinshaw United Kingdom 149
52nd TEMPLAR JUSTICE Katie Preston GBR - Great Britain 148
53rd KILTUBRID RHAPSODY Niki Ryan, Elizabeth Donald United Kingdom 147
54th= LISSANGLE CAVALETTO B John & Andrea Kennedy United Kingdom 146
54th= SHANNONDALE PERCY Sarah Hughes USA 146
54th= ON THE BRASH Sarah Tobey, Sue Smiley United Kingdom 146
57th= TALMA D ALLOU Riding Club Crane United Kingdom 143
57th= MAYBACH S.H.E Eventing AB United Kingdom 143
57th= LIBERTY AND GLORY Robin Balfour, Sophie Crisp United Kingdom 143
60th MGH GRAFTON STREET Jonathan and Jane Clarke United Kingdom 142
61st= ORATORIO II Oratorio Syndicate United Kingdom 140
61st= GROVINE DE REVE Therese Miller GBR - Great Britain 140
63rd NO EXCUSE Michele Saul United Kingdom 136
64th= MHS KING JOULES Tom Joule United Kingdom 134
64th= DASSETT COOL TOUCH Therese Miller GBR - Great Britain 134
64th= SANTIAGO BAY Caroline Teltsch GBR - Great Britain 134
67th VINCI DE LA VIGNE Kazuma Tomoto United Kingdom 132
68th JL DUBLIN Deirdre Johnston GBR - Great Britain 131
69th ABSOLUT OPPOSITION Nana Dalton GBR - Great Britain 130
70th= DIRECTOR GENERAL Black is the new Orange United Kingdom 128
70th= CILLNABRADDEN EVO Sally-anne Egginton United Kingdom 128
70th= ELDORADO VAN DE OTTERDIJK Ann Allen United Kingdom 128
73rd= SOLADOUN Richard Ames, Elizabeth Power United Kingdom 126
73rd= LEONIDAS II Peter Cattell, Diane E Brunsden United Kingdom 126
75th CHEQUERS PLAY THE GAME Amy Lambert, Flora Hurrell, Lucy Mackenzie, Patricia Lambert United Kingdom 125
76th= TALENT Jennifer Sommerville, James Sommerville United Kingdom 122
76th= CALLE 44 Yoshiaki Oiwa Germany 122
76th= COOPERS LAW Nicola Dickson, Sally Williams United Kingdom 122
79th DIRECT TULLYORAN CRUISE Jocelyn Riley GBR - Great Britain 121
80th= IRON IV William Rucker United Kingdom 119
80th= WATTS BURN Lorna McWilliam, Janey Barclay Roncoroni United Kingdom 119
82nd= DENIRO Z The Deniro Syndicate GBR - Great Britain 118
82nd= KINCOOLEY CRUISING Susan Lamb United Kingdom 118
84th SUPER CILLIOUS Deborah Bevan, Lucy Allison, Vittoria Panizzon, Juliet Donald GBR - Great Britain 116
85th= CES BALLYCAR CHIP Patricia Pytches GBR - Great Britain 114
85th= FIGARO VAN HET BROEKXHOF Barbara Cooper United Kingdom 114
87th NIGHT LINE Yasmin Ingham United Kingdom 112
88th= FINDONFIRECRACKER Sharon Polding United Kingdom 110
88th= COOLEY MONSOON Jennifer Saunders United Kingdom 110
88th= MC CLAREN Katherine Thomson, David Thomson United Kingdom 110
88th= CELUS D ERMAC Z Aoife Clark GBR - Great Britain 110
92nd= DIRECT CASSINO Riding Club Crane United Kingdom 109
92nd= QUARRY MAN Lizzie Baugh GBR - Great Britain 109
94th CORONEL MCJ James Wood United Kingdom 108
95th= LITTLE FIRE Jennifer Dowling GBR - Great Britain 107
95th= BLACKTHORN CRUISE Dan Jocelyn, Panda Christie GBR - Great Britain 107
97th= MASTER DOUGLAS Vicki Irlam GBR - Great Britain 106
97th= CRYPTONITE Cameron Crawford United Kingdom 106
99th= PAULANK KINGS RIVER Sue Brendish United Kingdom 105
99th= CLEVELAND Kent Gardner, Jesse Campbell NZL - New Zealand 105