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Level competing at:

BE80(T), BE90

About me:

My day job is a PhD student (research scientist) at Imperial College studying bacteria in the context of human infections. I did my undergraduate degree in Scotland at the University of Dundee and prior to that grew up in Hong Kong. I did not come from a ‘horsey’ background and was introduced (persuaded by the university riding club) to riding in summer 2017. By chance and friend connections I was introduced to competition riding and given the ride on 2 schoolmasters for the 2018 competition season and it’s all gone uphill from there! I am now based with Lisa Keys (Sarrat, Hertfordshire) continuing my horse and rider training and producing my 5 yo IDxTb gelding (Walt Whiskey) in eventing. I have secret aspirations (long term goal) to eventually represent team Hong Kong but for now we plan to have plenty of fun and give Walter a good training foundation.

About my horse:

Walter (Walt Whiskey) is a 5 yo Irish Draught x Thorough-bred bay gelding (dam sire: Belclare Cross) with some interesting breeding that stretches back to King of Diamonds. His previous owner bought him as an unbroken 3 yo from his breeder in Ireland (Wexford) before breaking him in as a ridden horse. In actual fact, his previous owner was my previous coach so I have actually known Walter since he started his ridden career! Temperament-wise, Walter is a very genuine horse that wants to please even when he has his green moments. He is generally well mannered and people have mistaken him for an older horse with his laid-back attitude! When I first got the ride on Walter, let’s just say we would be lucky to do a 30m circle in trot or canter and would struggle to stay within an unfenced arena.