Elise Kidd

About Elise





Level competing at:

BE90, BE100

About me:

I'm a Mum of 2 lively young boys, wife and currently a full-time serving member of the Royal Air Force. My day job is a logistics officer and when not working or spending time with my family, I love to ride and compete. I hadn't ridden much at all since Pony Club days when I started competing again in military equestrian competitions. However, I soon got the bug again and bought my own horse earlier this year!

About my horse:

Impact (Impy) is a 6 year old Grey Roan KWPN gelding who I bought from my sister Becky earlier this year. She bought him last year freshly backed and sympathetically produced him so I know him very well. She started off his eventing career doing BE80/90's and gained 2 BE90 Regional Final qualifications on him. She also gained his 5 Double Clears for British Novice and Discovery. I have now continued to take him forward, taking him round his first Newcomers and BE100. He is a very genuine horse who really tries his best for you and is an absolute pleasure to ride. Around the yard he is quite the character - you can't leave anything near his stable or else it will be picked up and thrown across the yard! He has also been known to take head collars and bridles off his stable mates given the chance!

What is my favourite thing about eventing?

At the age of 37, some might say I'm too old to take up a new sport! However, becoming a BE member for the first time this year has been a great experience. I am loving the friendly atmosphere and the supportive attitude of other competitors who genuinely seem to want you to do well. Having previously done more show jumping, I am loving the challenge of trying to perfect all 3 disciplines. My Pony Club instructors would never believe me I'm sure but I am actually really enjoying developing my dressage abilities. And the thrill of the cross country of course is just awesome!

Who inspires me?

I am really inspired by my sister Becky. It was her who got me back into riding a few years ago by letting me ride her horses and I now keep my horse in livery with her. I am amazed how, rain or shine, or despite the ups and downs of horses, she never complains. She always puts her horses before herself and has been extremely supportive of me. She competes her horse at Novice level and has inspired me to do the same so that is my goal!

What motivates me to event?

I am motivated by the challenge, the competition, the adrenalin, but above all, that feeling of a sense of achievement and accomplishment you get from doing something for the first time. Whether that be completing our first BE100 or getting our best dressage score to date - there are so many challenges within the sport. I'm also motivated by knowing it will be a fun day out, shared with likeminded people. It's also nice knowing your horse loves it as much as you do and the growing bond and trust between horse and rider gained through eventing is a great feeling.