What sort of training is on offer?

We have a range of training available. Training courses might cover one or more disciplines (dressage, show jumping and/or cross country) and also unmounted sessions. Riders might be in groups or have paired or individual sessions depending on the format of the day. We try to ensure riders are grouped based on their age and ability, so that everyone gets the most from the training. We also run camps, unmounted talks, taster days for those who are new to eventing, and course walks at the events themselves.

What level do the 12-21 courses cater for?

The 12-21 training courses are suitable for those who have never evented before up to BE Novice/2* level. In the training, riders will be grouped based on age and ability, so that everyone will get the best experience possible.

What is the Regional Youth Programme?

The Regional Youth Programme offers top quality training opportunities for all riders aged 12 to 21, whether they are only just starting out in eventing up to those aiming for their next 2*. Riders aiming for BE Under 18 classes or the Regional Youth Team Championships will also need to be registered on the respective BE90 Open, BE100 Open and/or Open Novice Programme.

I am working towards my first BE80(T), is the 12-21 training too high a level for me?

Not at all, you would be welcome to attend both the 12-21 training and other rider training.

I am not a BE Member but I would like to find out about 12-21 training courses, where do I start?

The best place to start is to take a look at the available training courses. You don’t have to be a Member to book on to training, so if you see a course that you are interested in, you can register your details for free and book online.

Are the Under 18 Regional Youth Team Championships at Bishop Burton now going to be for under 21s?

No, the Championships will still be open only to riders aged 18 and under, although there is a separate CCI2* under 21 section run alongside the championships, so 19, 20 and 21 year olds at 2* level can still compete at Bishop Burton in their own section.

Is this for people aiming for the Pony, Junior and Young Rider European Championships?

Although the 12-21 training courses are open to all riders aged 12 to 21, there are also specific training courses for riders aiming for the Pony, Junior and Young Rider Championships. Please contact gemma.harriss@britisheventing.com for more information on these programmes, or read more about them HERE.

Is there someone locally I can call/email?

Your main point of contact in the region is your Regional Youth Coordinator. They will be happy to answer any questions you may have about training and competition as a 12 to 21 year old. You can find out who your Regional Youth Coordinator is HERE.

I am beyond this age category, is there training for me?

BE has training opportunities for all levels and ages over 12. There are a number of opportunities open to riders aged over 21, including a variety of regional training courses with BE Accredited Coaches. These cater for entry level riders up to Novice level, and range from discipline specific training (dressage, show jumping and/or cross country) to unmounted training courses. For riders aged 21 and over who are above Novice level, you may also be interested in our Gatehouse Stepping Stones or Mark Todd Bridging the Gap programmes. All of the training courses we have available are listed on our Find A Course page.

I would like to help set up a 12-21 training course at my yard/local equestrian centre, who should I contact?

You can contact either your Regional Youth Coordinator, or your Regional Training and Education Administrator (RTEA) to discuss organising 12-21 training at your yard. The venue will need to have suitable facilities for BE to run training there.

Which coaches will deliver 12-21 training days? What qualifications do they have?

In each region we have dedicated Regional Youth Coaches who are responsible for delivering training courses for 12 to 21 year olds. These are all handpicked, experienced coaches who are all fully BE accredited, meaning they have all undertaken a DBS check, a safeguarding and protecting children course and a first aid course. They are also fully insured and attend regular CPD days. Each region has two to three Regional Youth Coaches, which allows riders to enjoy consistent support at training and events throughout the year. The Regional Youth Coaches are also responsible for coaching the Regional Youth teams, and providing coaching support and course walks at Under 18 classes and competitions.

How do I get selected for the Regional Youth Team Championship teams?

In order to be eligible for selection for the Regional Youth Team Championship teams, you will need to register onto the Regional Youth Programme and compete in specific BE90Ou18, BE100Ou18 and ONu18 classes in your region. The Regional Youth Coordinators will select their team from those that have competed in these classes, as well as considering performance at 12-21 training. More information on the competition aspect of the Regional Youth Programme can be found HERE.

What is the role of the Regional Youth team?

The Regional Youth teams are a passionate and dedicated group that form an integral part of supporting and delivering the British Eventing Regional Youth Programme to the highest possible standards.

The Regional Youth Coordinators are the main point of contact for riders aged 12 to 21 in their region. They are part of a team of Regional Youth personnel who include an Assistant Regional Youth coordinator and Regional Youth Coaches. The coordinators can often be found at the under 18 classes and 12 -21 training, supporting riders and parents, as well as organising the team logistics on the run up to and at the Regional Team Championships in July. The Regional Youth Coordinator is a voluntary role.

The Assistant Regional Youth Coordinator is the 'second in command' to the Regional Youth Coordinator, supporting them within the role. The Assistant Regional Youth Coordinator is a voluntary role.

The Regional Youth Coaches work in a team of two to three coaches in each region, delivering all of the 12-21 Training, as well as giving guided course walks and on-event support at the under 18 classes and pre-Championship training.

 Find out who your Regional Youth Coordinator is HERE.


If we've not managed to answer your question, please drop us an email at training@britisheventing.com.