BE Officials

There are three types of British Eventing officials - technical advisers (TAs), scorers and stewards. Each role is vital to the running of the sport and involves a significant amount of technical knowledge, which is why we offer bespoke training programmes that are tailored to the experience of the individual undergoing the training. If you are interested in any of the roles or wish to know what training might be available, please email for more information.

Technical Advisers

A BE TA is responsible for the technical safety, preparatory arrangements and successful running of the event. As a TA, you will liaise closely with organisers, stewards, regional coordinators, officials, competitors and owners to ensure that events fully comply with BE rules and regulations. The role is on a contracted basis in relation to the number of events allocated. Becoming a TA is a lengthy process, and it takes years of experience to be able to cope with the high demands of the task in hand. Training days and conferences are often put on by BE for existing TAs, with further informative sessions planned for the future.


Each event is allocated a scorer by British Eventing to oversee the event timetable, scoring and competitor timings to deliver a final result for the competition. A BE scorer is contracted based on a number of allocated days for each event where the scorer is deployed. Mileage and expenses are also reimbursed. Becoming a BE scorer takes many years of experience, but BE aim to provide more training opportunities for those who wish to learn more about the role, and for those who wish to continue to improve their own skills.


The steward is the official representative of BE at our events, and you are likely to see them if you have had either a very good day or a very bad day! They are often the voice behind the microphone at the prize-giving, and conversely the ones who oversee any disciplinary matters. The steward’s role is voluntary and there is a panel of around 50 individuals that BE can call upon. Training opportunities often come up for existing stewards and for those wishing to get into stewarding.