BE80(T) coaches

BE80(T) competitors form a significant part of British Eventing’s member base. As many will be new to the sport, it is vital that they receive support and training when competing at BE affiliated events. BE80(T) coaches are present at every event in the season that holds a BE80(T) class, providing support for competitors.

As a BE80(T) coach, you'll be there to help competitors have a fantastic experience at what will often be their first event. As part of the day, you'll provide:

  • A guided course walk of both the cross country and show jumping courses
  • Coaching in the warm-up arenas for those who would like it
  • Feedback at the end of the day for competitors
  • General support for competitors around the event, and answers to any questions!

To coach at a BE80(T) event, you will need to be a BE development coach or above. To find a BE80(T) Accredited Coach for their event, organisers will liaise with their local regional development officer (RDO). If you are interested in working at a BE80(T) event, you can get in contact with your local RDO.

All BE Accredited Coaches will adhere to the BEF Coaches Code of Conduct.