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October 2020

September 2020

August 2020

November 25, 2019

The Board met on November 25, 2019 at BE HQ

  • Apologies were made from Fiona O’Hara, Les Smith and Jane Peters. The Directors present appointed Jude Matthews as the Chairman for the meeting.
  • Richard Waygood was invited to the meeting to provide feedback on the Selection Policy for the Tokyo Olympics. There was discussion specifically about the appeals process, and the interaction between the PM/ PD and the team on the ground. Following discussion the Selection Policy for the 2020 Olympics was formally noted by the Board.
  • The Board approved the drafted British Eventing Equality Policy.  This will be published on the website. The Board discussed how British Eventing (along side other BEF member bodies) can do more to improve diversity in our membership, especially around BAME groups.
  • The Board received updates from the Financial & Commercial Committee, the Risk Management & Sport Committee, and the Training and Education Committee.
  • The Board discussed progress on EARS testing & the training roll out to Organisers, Entries Secretaries and Scorers, acknowledging the hard work which is continuing to be carried out by the BE HQ team.
  • The Board were updated on the ‘end of season wash up’ meetings. These meetings provide useful feedback and generate discussion amongst the many officials who alongside organisers deliver the sport and allows BE to address any gaps and make improvements on how the sport is run on event.
  • BE’s AGM the previous day had been a positive day and allowed members to ask questions directly to the Directors. Minutes of the AGM can be found HERE.
  • It was confirmed to the Board that the event previously held at Osborne House on the Isle of Wight will not run in 2020.
  • The next Board meeting will be on February 5, 2020 at BE HQ.

October 15, 2019

Directors met on October 15, 2019, at the BE offices and all were present.

  • The Board received an update on safeguarding and disciplinary matters.
  • As part of the merger of the Young Rider and Junior teams to a single Youth Team, BE undertook interviews for both Team Selectors and Team Coaches and which have been completed. An announcement on the appointments has been made on our website.
  • Directors agreed to hold the AGM on Sunday November 24 at BE HQ at 3pm. The members announcement can be found here.
  • The report from the Finance and Commercial committee included the review of the latest management accounts and the ITTP budget. The IT project has been progressing with field testing underway on the Scoring App and training for Entries Secretaries and Organisers/Event Secretaries on the Entries Management and Event Schedule elements of the system. Plans are now being put in place to launch the system for 2020 and to provide sufficient support for all users. The Board approved an additional spend on IT resource to provide support to members and organisers at the start of the 2020 season. At their meeting it was also agreed for a number of initiatives to be progressed to attract new members into and returning members back to the sport. The Board agreed on the fees chargeable to events for the EARS system. 
  • There was an update from the Risk & Sports Committee, and the Directors discussed the Abandonment Insurance cover which has shown its value in recent months.  There are fewer insurance companies willing to underwrite the risk and BE continue to work hard to keep the premium at its lowest possible.  
  • The Directors noted that Dr Judith Johnson had stood down as Chief Medical Officer after nearly 10 years, and was succeeded by Dr Katherine Hartington. The Board thanked Judith for her contribution to the sport.
  • The Board reviewed the budget for 2020. The Directors continue to balance the needs of the competitors with the needs of those who invest in and organise our BE competitions. The Directors approved the 2020 Budget with small increases in fees.
  • Jude Matthews (CEO) and Paul Graham (Chief Sport Officer) organised a number of organiser meetings in October and updated Directors on the feedback received.  
  • The Directors noted that the FEI NSO conference (hosted by BE) will take place at Aintree in January 2020.
  • Directors underwent a training session on Equality and Diversity and an Equality policy is under review before adoption by the Board. 
  • There was a fantastic response to the advertisement for Non-Executive Director positions on the Board and interviews will be held in November, led by the Chairman. 
  • The Chairman updated on the SFC 2020 Process Review Panel report and BE will publish a summary before year end. The report was a good review of a new process and made recommendations. It should be recognised that any new process needs time to be adapted to satisfy the needs of so many stakeholders. 

August 9th, 2019

The Board met on August 6, 2019 at BEHQ. Gary Parsonage sent his apologies

  • Simon Bates representing the BEOA and Huw Lloyd representing the EHOA joined the beginning of the meeting and a variety of subjects were discussed.  ERA were unable to send a representative.  There was good discussion on SFC2020, the IT project and specifically the elements for Entries Secretaries and organisers, market developments, the impact of unaffiliated events, the newly announced Rider Working Groups and recognition of Owners.   Simon and Huw then left the meeting.
  • Directors reviewed the management accounts, including the ITTP budget, and Directors approved the 2020 budget assumptions as recommended by the Commercial & Finance Committee.
  • Following the second joint meeting of the Risk & Sports Committees, it was agreed that the new format worked,  Therefore, the combined Risk Management and Sport Committee Terms of Reference were approved by the Board.  Gary Parsonage will be Co Chairman of the Committee with Risk Management as his specific area of oversight.  Les Smith (CoChair) will keep Sport as his area of oversight.
  • The Board received an ITTP update from the ITTP Project Manager, including the testing schedule for the EARS and Scoring App which will be at a number of events till the close of season.  The testing is intended to flush out any remaining bugs and issues. The testing will be as a ‘shadow system’ to the usual systems used at a number of events.  Directors wanted to thank all those officials and developers who have helped in developing the systems to get to this point.  Directors noted that the Chief Information Officer had left BE, following a period of absence.
  • The management team presented an HR plan and organizational update, and the proposed changes were approved by the Board.
  • Jude Matthews reported on the initial work done to refresh BE’s Strategic plan, including updating BE Values. More work is being planned on this but the Directors agreed this was a good ‘refresher’ to re-invigorate the Strategic Plan.  There was discussion about the need to keep BE eventing better than the competition, and all agreed that it was key that the BE Values and goals were cascaded down to all stakeholders.
  • The Chairman updated on the SFC2020 Review Panel, noting that the panel review is still underway.  A final report is expected for the next Board meeting in October. No actions can be undertaken until the report has been reviewed and discussed and next steps have been agreed amongst all parties.
  • Nigel Taylor updated on the European Championships squad selection.
  • The Board discussed plans for the AGM, including date and location.
  • Directors meeting next on October 15, at BE HQ

June 19th, 2019

The Board met on June 19th at BE HQ.  Les Smith sent his apologies.

  • Jude Matthews & Wendy McGowan updated on a safeguarding issue, and explained the referral made to the disciplinary chair.
  • The combined Risk and Sports Committee meeting in May had gone well, and another joint meeting is planned.  It was agreed that Les Smith and Gary Parsonage would be joint chairs of the combined committee. The RMS committee continues to have support from the Risk Management Advisory Group and the Cross Country Advisory Group.
  • The Directors discussed entry fees, and competition levels in relation to 2020.
  • The Fixtures Process Review panel has had its first meeting.  A second meeting is set up for early July.  Their report is expected for the August Board meeting.
  • Directors discussed communication with the membership, and what was receiving engagement and positive feedback.  It was noted that the communication about the Belton replacement would be made next week.
  • The Finance report was reviewed.  The ITTP budget remains as per the latest forecast.  The project is nearing the stage where it is envisaged the suppliers can be stood down by the end of June.   Wendy McGowan highlighted the area creating the largest budget impacts, and the Board discussed.
  • The ITTP project manager provided an update to Directors. 
    • Since website launch many of the issues have been fixed and improvements released. The legacy system remain in place to support the third party entry and scoring systems.   An ITTP Member update will be released soon =. 
    • The EARS project is progressing and a live field trial is being planned for the Scoring App shortly.   For the Entries Administration element, a small working group is working hard aiming to trial very soon.
  • Jude Matthews updated the Board on the results of the recent staff survey, and the Board agreed the recommendations made.  Another flash survey at the end of the summer was agreed to monitor progress.
  • The Board discussed support for UK eventing, and the challenges within our own calendar and those created by other countries.  The Board noted that a significant risk was losing world leading status in eventing.   It was agreed that the Board would spend time at the next meeting considering this point further.
  • It has been recognized that there is a drop in entries to events. To encourage more entries to events, BE are developing a summer membership offer to try and encourage more entries.
  • Directors received an update on the BE Brand Ambassadors project.  Deciding on the actual ambassadors was difficult due to the volume of applications received but a final twelve names were chosen to actively promote BE, primarily on social media.
  • The Board received an update on the Strategic Fixtures review process, and an update on fixture requests received by the Fixtures Action Group.
  • The Board discussed the challenge of unaffiliated events, and the need to improve brand differentiation between a BE affiliated event, and an unaffiliated event.  There is also a need to highlight the improved safety and event standards at a BE event.
  • The Directors received an update on the CEO recruitment which included a presentation and Q&A session with the Directors at this meeting with the shortlisted candidates.

April 9th, 2019

The Board met on April 9th, 2019 at BE HQ and all Directors were present

  • The Chairman invited BE’s President Jane HoldernessRoddam to the meeting.
  • The CEO, David Holmes, resigned at the end of March. The Board agreed the appointment of Jude Matthews as Interim CEO.The Board noted that it would undergo Equality & Diversity training as part of a roll out from the BEF.
  • The merger of the Risk & Sports Committees was discussed, and it was agreed that the May meeting would be combined as a trial, with further feedback to the Board following that meeting.
  • Directors discussed the SFC2020 process to date since the announcement of the SFC2020 International calendar.  Invited for the discussion: Sarah Hamlyn (Regional Coordinator), Bruce Haskell (Chairman ERA), Chris Farr (BE Fixtures maternity cover) and Paul Graham (Sport Manager maternity cover). Following the discussions the Board agreed a review  of the SFC2020 process was appropriate.
  • The Directors were updated on Training & Education, and considered the current offerings and uptake of these from members.  Officials training and recruitment was also discussed.
  • The Board noted that rider behavior towards volunteers was sometimes not appropriate, and that rudeness to volunteers would not be tolerated.
  • Ms Karen Bartlett of Saffery Champness presented the Audit report which had been reviewed by the Finance Committee.  She reported a clean audit report. The Directors approved for the 2018 Accounts to be signed by the Chairman.
  • The Management team updated the Directors on work in progress in their teams. OS gave an update on the outcomes of the membership survey and set out a number of ideas in response to the survey.  It was agreed that more ‘AskBE’ session would be organised to give members the opportunity to meet the BE team and raise questions, and that a webinar would be included.
  • The Strategic goals and KPIs were discussed, and the management team provided updates as appropriate.
  • The Directors were updated on the ITTP. The new website relaunched end of February. BE prepared for members needing support with weekend and after hours support by phone, email and social media.    It was noted that the launch had still not been without issue, but that the head office team were working hard to assist members with queries and issues they were experiencing.  The website fix for payments is being worked on and will be rolled out shortly. Work on EARS is progressing.  There was discussion about the staffing levels required to support the project.  The Board reiterated that a stable, functioning, system is the key priority.
  • Committee meeting minutes were taken as read, the Chairs of each updated as appropriate..
  • The Committee Terms of Reference were all approved, except for the Sports and Risk Committees, which were pending awaiting the outcome of the joint meeting in May.The Board approved a rule amendment to Chapter 1, Rule 1.14 to include delegation of powers in the absence of a CEO.

February 5th, 2019

The Board met on February 5th, 2019 at BE HQ and all Directors were present

  • Appointments:
    • Directors approved the appointment of Wendy McGowan on to the BEF Equality Working Group.
    • Chris Tattersall was appointed Finance Committee Chairman. Tim Holderness-Roddam was re-appointed to the Finance Committee. 
  • Directors discussed sports matters arising, including electric bike policy, competitor number printing, and prize money levels.
  • Directors reviewed the 2018 Year End accounts preaudit and on the recommendation of the Finance Committee the accounts were approved.
  • The Directors are reviewing the Committee structures to improve communication between Committees and improve efficiency.   It was agreed that the Finance and Commercial Committees would combine, and that a trial of combining the Risk and Sports Committees would be undertaken.   Jude Matthews would remain on the new Finance & Commercial committee following the amalgamation. .
  • Directors discussed a proposal to review the terms of office for U18 Coordinators following feedback on the recruitment for the role (which is a volunteer position). The proposal is to allow an U18 Coordinator to reapply for the role for one more 4 year term after their full term of 8 years is completed. During this appointment they would be required to assist recruit and train a successor.  It was agreed that annual performance assessment should be undertaken by the U18 Chair, and that all relevant paperwork would be updated accordingly.
  • It was agreed for BE stakeholder groups to have a specific Director as their Board contact.  Chris Tattersall will be the EHOA contact, Nigel Taylor the ERA and Jude Matthews the BEOA contact. 
  • The Board received an update on Strategic goals and associated KPIs for 2019.
  • The Board discussed the vacancy on the Eventing Life Board to replace Paul Hodgson.  All agreed Jude Matthews would take the position.
  • Equiratings gave a presentation on their work to date.
  • The Board received the report into the U18 investigation, and noted key learnings.
    The Board received an update on international, including an update on the Senior Selector panel formation.
  • The CIO and ITTP Project Manager gave an update on the project.  The website launch of January 28  did not go well.   Both explained the technical reasons for the problems that arose on launch.  A number of highly technical and complex data migrations had to take place which took much longer than expected. This impacted on the time line of other work planned for launch.  The knock on effect was that the website did not perform to an acceptable standard and the decision was made to revert to the old site until the issues were fixed and stable.   
  • Directors reviewed and discussed the ITTP budget and approved the proposed forecast budget.
  • Work on the other parts of the project continues (EARS).