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    Chief Sport Officer

    Posted on 19th February 2020

    BE announce that Paul Graham, Chief Sport Officer, will be leaving on 27th February 2020 to return to consultancy work. Paul joined the team as Chief Sport Officer on 1 July 2019, having previously covered the maternity cover for Debbie Pritchard.


  • A positive forecast for The Cooke Coachbuilders Stafford Horse Trials

    Posted on 19th February 2020

    It has been a busy start to the 2020 season for the Stafford Horse Trials team with lots of work going into the ground ahead of the first event! The team have been really pleased with how the park has coped with the recent weather, and its position has meant that the location has been fortunate enough not to suffer from any flooding and that it is open to good drying winds. 


  • Rockingham International tickets now on sale

    Posted on 18th February 2020

    Advance ticket sales are now available for the Fairfax & Favor Rockingham Castle International Horse Trials, which takes place this year from Friday 1 to Sunday 3 May.


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    Isleham is ready to open the 2020 Season!

    Posted on 17th February 2020

    Following Storm Dennis across the weekend, the organisers of Isleham Horse Trials have just sent the latest update ahead of their event taking place on 29 February and 1 March:


  • British Eventing Awards Lunch

    Posted on 14th February 2020

    Award winning British Eventing members and their connections enjoyed lunch with sponsors at Warwick Racecourse on the 14th February.

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    Draft Entries

    Posted on 14th February 2020

    A function of the new BE Entries System is that members can make draft entries which they can return to at a later date to complete and pay for. Here's a quick guide to using the draft function: