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  • British Eventing 2022 Membership Restructure

    Posted on 2nd December 2021

    British Eventing is pleased to announce the restructure of their 2022 competing membership categories. The new three-tier structure, alongside a new ‘PAY AS YOU GO’ system, will allow for a reduced cost of annual membership and enables more entry-level competitors to benefit from the “gold standard” that BE brings. The new membership options will be available to purchase through the website from Wednesday 5th Jan 2022.

  • Membership Update - AI Communication

    Posted on 1st December 2021

    We would like to thank members that engaged with our membership communication that went out last Friday regarding the removal of abandonment insurance and the proposed interim refund policy for 2022. We really appreciate your input and value your thoughts and views.

  • British Eventing: Chair recruitment

    Posted on 30th November 2021

    British Eventing, the national governing body for the Olympic sport of Eventing, is seeking to recruit a new Chair to lead the organisation through the next four years and to build on Team GB’s success to move the sport forward towards Paris 2024 and beyond.

  • Nomination Panel Appointed to Lead Recruitment of New Chair

    Posted on 26th November 2021

    As announced by the CEO at the AGM on Thursday, following the resignation of Fiona O’Hara the Board has established a Nomination Panel to lead the process of recruiting an appointed Board director to serve as Chair