Posted on 17th May 2019

Website update 17 May 2019

Since the last Website update, we have been busy working on a number of bug fixes, a number of these are technical in nature but go a long way in making further improvements to the Website behind the scenes.   


The following areas have been improved and fixed in recent weeks:   


  1. Improvements to the Search function across Training pages and News items; further work on the Search function is planned for the next release.

  2. On the individual Event pages the most important thing is the Newsflash, and so we’ve made sure it’s the first thing you see when using your Mobile device. In the case of an event abandoning and so on; key information is displayed in the Newsflash which is now more prominent.

  3. Entry and Section numbers should now show on both the Entry and Times tabs.

  4. Ballot and Waitlist order information is now displayed if it is available as part of the Entry files submitted to us.

  5. We have made sure the ‘View all Results’ button is more visible on the Event page taking you to the full Results detail page.

  6. On request from our organisers, we have removed adverts being shown on the Events page in order to avoid a potential clash with Event sponsors.

  7. Agents can now administer group accounts on behalf of the admin member.

  8. The Calendar on the homepage display now starts on a Monday and more clearly shows all events for that given week.

  9. Horses you previously owned should now not be shown within your account page.

  10. Improvements have been made to the fixtures page for members using Internet Explorer.

  11. Horse-Gallery images can now be deleted if you wish to do so.

  12. You can now add multiple Training Courses and Events to your ‘Favourites’.  


Other areas of the site:


Making Payments: We appreciate some of our members are still experiencing issues when making payments, although the volumes reported back to us have significantly reduced since the payment changes were implemented a few weeks ago. As you are doing, please continue to report the issue back to us with as much information via email/call and we will continue working through all feedback, focussing on the root cause to limit the issue going forwards.

Please note that following the last update our payment provider Worldpay have tightened up security checks so please ensure the correct details are entered for the registered card billing address.


Owner Data: We have received a number of complaints regarding Owner data at Events and incorrect Owners showing as part of the Event Programme. We are currently working with Event staff and requesting as much information as possible to get to the bottom of this. In all instances reported to us, owner details are correct on our database but for reasons yet to be ascertained they are not being received correctly when downloaded at events. We fully appreciate that this is not an acceptable situation for owners and we are working hard to identify where the issue lies.

For the next release we aim to share further improvements to site functionality when using Mobile and Tablet devices, as well as Searching, Volunteers and Horse for Sale functionality.