Posted on 19th July 2021

Updates to competition at Frickley Park

There are a couple of updates for competitors to take note of ahead of the upcoming fixtures at Frickley Park over the next few months.


Additional BE90 classes added to Frickley (1)

The team at Frickley Park are pleased to announce that they have added BE90 classes to their fixture on Sunday 1st August - this means that BE90 classes will now be available on both days of the weekend (31stJuly – 1st August).

Changes to Frickley Park (2)

There are also changes to the September fixture, which will now drop down to one day on Saturday 11thSeptember. The team at Frickley wished to schedule unregulated competition over that weekend and, in order to protect the value and quality of competition for our members, we did not feel that the two competitions should mix. Therefore, BE competition will run on Saturday and the unregulated classes on Sunday.

We absolutely recognise the need to engage with riders currently competing in unregulated competition and are keen to encourage them to progress their journey and to have a go at a British Eventing affiliated competition – that has been the purpose of a number of initiatives we have introduced this year, such as TRY and TRAIN Eventing.

However, it is also important to protect the integrity of British Eventing competition for our existing members who have invested in competing with us and the quality and benefits that affiliated competition provides.

The classes that will be running on Saturday 11th September will be BE80, BE90 and BE100. For more information click here.