Posted on 20th November 2020

Update on the work from the BE Advisory Group

As many of you may recall, earlier this year, the BE Board appointed an Advisory Group (BEAG) to look at certain aspects of the sport and provide their recommendations for actions which could be taken. The Group comprised Mike Etherington-Smith, Stuart Buntine, Captain Mark Phillips and Helen West.


The Group presented their report to the Board in the summer, and the Board have since agreed which recommendations will be taken forward.  As ever, the development of some of these will require stakeholder consultation and involvement, and as part of the work to date, we have discussed the recommendations we will be progressing with the stakeholder representatives from the BEOA, EHOA and ERA.  The stakeholders are in broad agreement with the recommendations we are progressing.

Read a high-level summary of the recommendations, and the actions we are taking, HERE.