Posted on 17th September 2019

Update on EARS project

Since the last IT update we have been busy testing the new EARS systems - the new Scoring Application, Entries Management system and the new timetabling functionality. 


As well as a large amount of work behind the scenes, the Scoring Application is now being regularly tested on event.  With the end of our season fast approaching, we are stepping up the testing on event, and, as well as involving our Scorers and Entry Secretaries, the Head Office team are also trained and are fully assisting in testing the app.

The aim of these trials is to further refine the systems and processes, increase the exposure of the new system to the sport, and also to identify and fix any remaining bugs prior to the start of next season.

Jude Matthews, BE Chief Executive Officer, said; “We will continue to test and trial over the winter months to ensure that we are ready to go at the start of next year. We are also rolling out a comprehensive training plan for our scorers, organisers and entry secretaries over the winter to ensure that all of our stakeholders are fully prepared before the formal launch of the system.

“IT projects can often be difficult, but across the delays and challenges of this project we must not forget that this is a very exciting time for the sport. I would like to thank all those who have been involved in the EARs process, in particular to our scorers and entries secretaries for their help in developing the specifications and testing, and the Head Office team for their continuing hard work and focus in delivering the project.”