Posted on 15th January 2015

Supporter Company membership and use of logos

A brand new category for 2015, this membership is a cost effective way for non-competing representatives of companies to display their logo on the equipment of a horse or rider that they sponsor but do not own that are taking part in BE competitions.

From just £25 a year when paying by direct debit, this membership allows a company’s logo to appear on the following riders items within the stated dimension requirements:

  • 80 sq. cms on each of the two sides on jackets or top garments at the height of breast pockets except during the cross country phase;
  • 200 sq. cms on one arm only of top garment or 100sp.cms on each arm of top garment for the cross country phase;
  • For the show jumping and cross country tests only, the competitor may bear the logo of his sponsor vertically in the middle of his protective headwear. The logo must not be longer that 25cm or wider than 5cm;
  • For the show jumping and cross country phases only the competitor may bear the logo of his sponsor on the left leg of his riding breeches. The logo must not be longer than 20cm or wider than 4cm;
  • 16 sq. cms on both sides of the shirt collar.

Supporter Company Members are also permitted to display their logo on the following items of horses’ equipment, within the stated dimension requirements:

  • On the bottom rear corner of a saddlecloth contained within an area of not more than 200 sq. cms. When the national flag is displayed, the logo may displayed above the national flag on the offside only when there is a team sponsor with a logo, and otherwise on both sides;
  • On a fly fringe/ear covers for the showjumping phase only contained within an area of not more than 75 sq. cms

A company’s logo must be approved before it can be used on equipment as detailed above, to do so a copy must be sent to

A Supporter Company membership also includes the following benefits as listed on the membership table below:

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Membership Chart

Becoming a Supporter Company member is a quick and easy process, just visit our membership pages or call our membership team on 02476 698856

Frequently asked questions

If I am already a full member, do I need a Supporter Company membership to be able to display my own company logo?
Yes a Supporter Company membership will need to be purchased even if you are a full member as it is the Supporter Company membership that carries the ability to display logos. This costs as little as £25 per year when paying online and by direct debit.

What is the difference between Supporter Company and Corporate Membership?
A Supporter Company membership is for companies who do not own a horse, but simply wish to sponsor a rider and have their logo appear on the horse or rider’s equipment.

A Corporate membership is for a company who owns a horse i.e is the registered owner of the horse on our database. This membership also entitles company logos to be displayed during competition in accordance with the requirements set out above. A copy of the logo must also be sent to for approval.