Posted on 23rd July 2021

Sun and smiles at Warwick Hall

Our final Science Supplements Area Festival of 2021 is complete – and what a day we had in Cumbria...



Amy Dixon and Goodluck II: BE90 Area Festival Champions

Penny Clews and Circus Standing Ovation: BE90 Open Area Festival Champions

Maisie Birkbeck and Coolquill Francisco: BE100 Area Festival Champions

Tyler Cassells and Destiny’s Daughter: BE100 Open Area Festival Champions

Anna Harris and City of Angels: BE 90 Area Qualifier Section D Winners

Ruby Thompson and Penstrumbly Calon Lan: BE90 Area Qualifier Section E Winners

Bethany Lee and Creevagh Hannah: BE100 Area Qualifier Section Winners


That's a wrap...

Well done to everyone who competed at Warwick Hall or any of our 2021 Area Festivals. We hope you have some great memories.

Don’t forget, we would love to see your Area Festival photos and videos, please tag us and Science Supplements on your social media posts.