Posted on 17th November 2020

Rider Working Group meetings

On 5 November the two Rider Working Groups met with representatives of British Eventing and below is a summary of the key topics discussed.


The two rider working groups were introduced in conjunction with the Eventing Riders Association (ERA of GB) following member feedback. These groups aim to strengthen the connection of the membership to the strategic direction of the sport by identifying and assessing areas of potential development.

One Rider Working Group represents riders competing at BE80(T) to BE105 and the other for those at competing at Novice and above.

BE80(T) to BE105 Group

Key discussion points:

  • End of season feedback on the return to sport protocols and areas that worked particularly well and could be retained or improved. Event schedules to more clearly state for example how dressage sheets and rosettes are distributed; running to times seen as a positive as is reduced numbers in warm up areas.
  • Levels of Balloting at some events and classes being moved entirely was discussed at length and the impact on Grassroots riders often balancing their sport with lives outside the equestrian world. Importance of explaining balloting, particularly to new members who may be less familiar with the system.
  • Feedback on prize money and the importance to have consistency and awareness of what each event is offering.
  • New initiatives for grassroots riders for 2021 and beyond – announcement coming soon.
  • BE80(T) Championship and the requirement to appoint a new host from next year.


Novice upward group

Key discussion points:

  • Sport resumption and protocols and areas that worked well such as paying start fees online, not collecting numbers and less people in the warm up areas making them safer.
  • New initiatives for 2021 and beyond aimed at amateur riders competing at Novice and Intermediate level – announcement coming soon.
  • Waitlist procedure and the need for clear numbering for transparency.
  • Post-event online feedback survey implementation for 2021. A quick and easy way for feedback to be given.
  • Cross country course descriptions and the importance to have them up to date as they factor in people’s decision-making process on where to run.

Find out more about the Rider Working Groups and contact representatives here.