Posted on 27th July 2021

Play for British Eventing on the world stage with the Eventing Manager Fan Challenge

Japan seems like a long way away but now fans and the British Eventing community can be part of all the action. Join the BE featured league and represent your nation on the world stage by playing the Eventing Manager Fan Challenge.

You can download the award-winning, fantasy style app for free and choose a team of four riders from the field. Real life action unfolding in Japan will impact on your team’s performance and your position on the leaderboard.  By joining the BE Featured League, you’ll be representing your country and BE in competition with the rest of the world.

Can you be a world beating Eventing Manager? Can Team GB go for Gold? Download Eventing Manager now for free on Google Play or the App store and be a part of it!


How to Play

Download the App for free on the App store or Google Play. Use your $10m budget to select a team of four, this sounds like a lot but spend it wisely or let the EquiRatings super computer choose it for you. Join the BE featured league to play together with fellow fans and compete against other federations. The Market is already open ahead of the competition in Japan so don’t delay!

 Watch the action unfold and see how real-life events are impacting on your team performance. The market will re-open between dressage phases to allow you to make changes or trade up.  Once the competition ends, you’ll see which league is triumphant and where your team scored on the leaderboard! Let’s go!



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