Posted on 14th March 2019

Notice regarding the event abandonment process

Whilst the first two weekends of competition in the 2019 season have run with much less impact from the British weather than in 2018, we wanted to share some important information with members on the process that BE undertakes when it comes to event abandonments.


Deciding to abandon is a very difficult decision, huge efforts go into organising events, and every possible chance must be given for the running of an event whilst ensuring the highest safety standards for all who attend the fixture.

We are very mindful that we must consider timely notification of members, however it is not possible to abandon based on weather forecast alone. As an outdoor sport we are at the mercy of the weather which can change at very short notice, and the predictions of a weather forecast may not reflect the reality of the weather and its effect on an event – especially when also considering soil type, weather leading up to the event, ground preparation etc.

Organisers put in huge efforts, making last minute changes to courses, dressage and show jumping arenas to ensure the ground for events is as good as possible and to avoid abandoning their event. However running an event it is not only about the horses needing to compete in three phases, there are ambulances and horse ambulances that require direct access to any point on the event location and cars, lorries, tradestands, toilets etc. that all need to get on to site, and it is the responsibility of BE Officials to ensure that the site is safe to run the event.

BE Officials follow a strict process when signing off an event to go ahead, and inspections take place during the build up to and on the morning of the event. More information can be found on the role and responsibilities of BE Stewards and Technical Advisers on our website, along with a feature shared in BE Life magazine last year.

We will continue to keep members informed with important event related updates.