Posted on 26th November 2021

Nomination Panel Appointed to Lead Recruitment of New Chair

As announced by the CEO at the AGM on Thursday, following the resignation of Fiona O’Hara the Board has established a Nomination Panel to lead the process of recruiting an appointed Board director to serve as Chair


The Panel’s members are the CEO and the chairs of the Event Horse Owners Association, the British Event Organisers Association, and the Event Riders Association.  The Panel will be chaired by Terry Miller, who was recently appointed as BE’s Nominated Director on the Board of the British Equestrian Federation and has extensive experience as a member and chair of Nomination Committees within public and private companies.

The Terms of Reference for the Panel are attached.  The Panel has set itself an ambitious target to complete its work early in the New Year, with the aim of having a new Chair in place from February onwards.

The application package is currently being finalised for Board review and approval, and we expect to publish it on the BE website next week.

Please click HERE to read the Nominations Panel Terms of Reference