Posted on 1st December 2021

Membership Update - AI Communication

We would like to thank members that engaged with our membership communication that went out last Friday regarding the removal of abandonment insurance and the proposed interim refund policy for 2022. We really appreciate your input and value your thoughts and views.


We received 248 responses from the 13,637 emails that went out to members. We are aware that members who “unsubscribe” from BE email communication will not have received this communication (8%), but the 13,637 did include anyone who has “opted out” of receiving marketing emails. 

We are grateful to the 1.8% of the membership who have sent us their feedback and expressed their views over the changes planned for 2022.

We are collating all responses and will summarise the main points. Whilst we can't respond to every email individually, we plan on addressing the main themes in a communication that you will receive in the next seven days.