Posted on 5th August 2020

Make learning dressage tests painless with TestPro British Eventing

Now that eventing is finally back on in the UK, event riders up and down the county are once again spending their valuable time learning dressage tests ready for their big day!


For those who dread learning tests or any rider who would love an easy, user-friendly way to ingrain every transition and movement into their brain, there’s an exciting new app on the market. TestPro British Eventing is an app designed to give riders a smart new way to learn tests, and it can be used both in and out of the saddle! 

TestPro British Eventing offers a totally immersive learning experience, with users being able to listen to their test being read out, watch the test being ‘drawn’ in front of their eyes and then, when they have started to learn it, the rider can draw it out on the screen themself, with helpful prompts from the app if needed. The ‘listen’ option is also ideal for use in the saddle, especially for those learning tests on their own without anyone to help call out the next movement for them. For riders faced with the task of perfecting their test alongside remembering the key questions of the cross country course and the best lines in the show jumping ring, it’s a must-have.

The app has been designed so that it is very easy to use and navigate, making it ideal for riders of any age and those of varying technical ability around a smartphone or tablet computer! All the British Eventing Tests are pre-loaded onto the app, making it ideal for event riders of any level, with the option to add FEI tests as well. TestPro British Eventing is available for use on both tablets and smartphones, ensuring the app can be used for learning at home, at the yard and to refresh a rider’s memory when they are preparing at events and competitions. 

There are also FEI, Dressage Ireland, British Dressage, United States Eventing Association and United States Dressage Federation versions of the App, showing the wide popularity of the dressage test platform. All updates to tests are included in the app free of charge, so you know you’re learning the right test at the right time. TestPro British Eventing is suitable for use on Apple and Android devices and available to download from the App Store and Google Play. TestPro British Eventing is free to download and includes 300 credits, which is enough for most riders to learn several tests. For those who need more credits they start at £1.99 per month. 

You can learn more about Dressage TestPro, the company behind TestPro British Eventing, over on their website: