Posted on 28th May 2021


The IT User Group has been up and running since February with meetings every two weeks.  Our key role is to support the IT Steering Committee by maintaining a direct connection with end-users of the IT system, helping to ensure that any new operational issues with the IT system are identified and that the work to fix them is prioritised and monitored. 


The User Group is an inclusive forum with its members including BE’s IT team and representatives from all the key end-user groups including event organisers, entries secretaries/scorers, entries agents, riders, owners, BE’s Head Office team, the on-site event team and as necessary third-party suppliers.  We’re not responsible for dealing with real-time one-off operational issues or general membership-related enquiries, but we work with all the stakeholders to ensure that these channels are working and that any wider issues arising from them are understood and addressed.

In addition to members from BE’s IT team and staff, the members of the Group include Jenny Levett (Chair), Tanya Adamson, Jan Cottam, Liz Lyall, Elaine Tragett, and Martin Wright.  We carry on work through a combination of emails, shared document access, and periodic meetings (virtually or where possible in person).  All of us continue to use all our networks, and formal and informal contacts, to help identify issues and raise them within the Group.   Please let us know if you are experiencing any operational issues with BE’s IT system, either by contacting one of us directly, or by sending an email to the User Group at