Posted on 3rd April 2020

IT Update: 3 April 2020

As previously promised, we will be keeping you all up to date on I.T. developments focused around the Entries, Admin, Results and Scoring system (EARS) and the website itself. 


Since our last update you will have seen that several British Eventing staff have been furloughed, however the I.T. team remain largely in place and continue to work through important developments and enhancements. 

The I.T. team have this week been focused on continuing to finalise the Points and Placings system changes ensuring that all Points and Placings for all events are now visible on the website, including data updates for League tables. Following stakeholder feedback, development has also progressed to allow multiple entries for the same horse into events held on the same or consecutive days, which is currently in test.  

In terms of the Entries, Admin, Results and Scoring system (EARS), developments around the ability to remove entries during the sectioning process and validations are in testing. The working group continue to support us in streamlining enhancements to be made to reports generated by the Entries and Scoring systems.  

We are aware that there were some intermittent issues at the start of the season when riders were entering a BE80(T) and the system was asking riders to purchase a Rider Pass, which is not necessary. This issue has been resolved and is now in the final phase of testing. 

Large steps have been made this week in working through the feedback that users have shared with us, and key specifications are being created i.e. mobile responsiveness and the under 18 registration process. 

We will continue to update you and thank you for your continued support. 

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