Posted on 6th November 2020

IT Strategic Review Task Force Meeting (03.11.20)

The IT Strategic Review Task Force has completed the first step of its work: to immediately and directly canvass organisers, entries secretaries, entries agents, riders, owners and scorers in an open and transparent way to establish the true situation with regard to the effectiveness of the software combined with the supporting functional processes and the training of users.


With the targeted workstreams established and populated with direct end-users having finished their work, the next key milestone will be the production of the Phase 1 Report and its presentation to the BE Board. The summaries of issues produced by all the work streams and agreed with BE will form the basis for the Report and will be included in its contents. For that purpose, at its sixth meeting on November 3, the Task Force reviewed and approved the final summaries from the following workstreams: Entries, Substitutions and Withdrawals; Timetabling, Balloting and Waitlist Management; Stabling; Scoring and Results; Sectioning and Times; Membership and Registration; and Reporting and General Administration. Leaders and members of workstreams other than Task Force members (Jen Caley, Wendy Evans, Jacky Green, Jenny Levett, Jenny Meiklejohn and Tissie Reason) attended the November 3 meeting to present their work and respond to questions. The four remaining workstreams are expected to produce their final summaries within the next few days, and the review and finalising of the Phase 1 Report is scheduled for completion in the next two weeks.

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