Posted on 17th September 2021


The IT Steering Committee has been established as a committee of the BE Board with the stated aim “to ensure that all further work to develop and maintain the current IT systems, and consideration of any short-, medium- and long-term IT strategy, is carried out in an efficient and cost-effective manner in alignment with the strategic objectives of BE and to support the delivery of sport.” 


Following approval by the BE Board on June 15 of the recommendations from Phase 2 of the IT Programme Strategy Review, the Committee will oversee management’s implementation of a strategy to replace the IT system piece-by-piece with accredited third-party suppliers, beginning with the recruitment of a project manager. 

The Committee will continue to identify critical issues with the current system, setting priorities and monitoring timeframes for completion of work and, where necessary, contingency plans.  The Committee meets regularly to receive reports from the IT User Group and BE’s IT team on issues identified by end-users. 

Click here to view the summary of the Committee’s most recent meeting on September 6.