Posted on 15th March 2019

Information on event abandonments


We are monitoring the weather and inspections are taking place at events scheduled to run this weekend.


To ensure the correct information regarding abandonments is delivered to competitors and members, an update on the status of an event will only be posted in the event of abandonment – this is to maintain that there is no confusion over whether an event is running or not. If there is no abandonment notice for an event then that event is, at the current time, still going ahead.

Abandonment text messages

As long as the mobile phone number is up to date in the mobile field of the entered rider’s BE account details, a text message regarding an event abandonment will be sent directly to all entered riders (Please log in on the BE website to check the mobile field is updated on your account - see below from instructions).

Keep Updated

During periods of adverse weather please ensure you keep checking all the relevant BE channels for the very latest information. These are: The BE website news feed (there is now a specific filter for Event Abandonments), the profile page of the event on the BE website, the BE Facebook page and Twitter feed.

Events scheduled for this weekend:





Please also see the information posted yesterday regarding the abandonment process HERE.


In the event that your vehicle may need towing on or off an event site, please ensure that you know where the towing eye/hook is located on your vehicle to help the organisers and volunteers help you as quickly as possible.


Update mobile number on your account (please note text messages are only sent to the rider on the entry):

  • Sign in to your account
  • Go to My Account
  • Change Details
  • Scroll down until you see CONTACT
  • Make sure a valid mobile number is filled in the MOBILE field:


Contact details on My Account